Every Morning!

GenCon Booth Report

We are just back from GenCon but our voices are not – that will likely take weeks :)

Every Morning!

The New Inventory Morning Crush!

The reception for Golem Arcana at GenCon was overwhelming! We brought a lot of product but we totally underestimated demand at the show. We sold out of Base Games and expansion packs on Thursday, had more shipped in for Friday – sold out of that and then had more shipped in for Saturday. By 11:30 am on Saturday we were sold out of Base Games and almost EVERYTHING else for the remainder of the show!

After that point for those that still wanted to buy the show special bundle (nothing exclusive – just a bundle price), and were willing to wait up to three weeks for delivery, we were happy to oblige.

The five intro demo tables were jammed every moment of every hour the show floor was open, as were all four seats at the 4 foot x 6 foot EPIC game (featuring terrain by yours truly). The loudest table in the booth was by far the Battle of Monty’s Haul – let me explain more about that one.

Ok first the name. Back when Dungeon and Dragons came out there was a TV show called “Let’s Make A Deal” which was hosted by an actor named Monty Hall. In the show Monty would offer contestants all sorts of crazy deals and they would walk away with all sorts of prizes. This mapped over to D&D as dungeons that gave away too much treasure became known as Monty Hall dungeons.

We wanted to make a scenario for the GenCon booth that gave players the opportunity to win Golems and Relics, so using the Monty reference was a bit of an in joke. So, how do you win Golems and Relics? Well the rules of the battle provided 3 victory points for killing a Titan, 2 victory points for killing an Ogre, and 1 victory point for killing a Warsprite. The rules also mention that encounters with characters on the battlefield could offer the player more opportunities for victory points. The player with the most victory points at the end of 5 rounds wins a Golem figure to take home.

My goal with encounters was to not only offer prizes, but to illustrate the kind of things our storyline scenarios could include. Here are a few examples:

Water Spirit

- When entering a water region with one of their Golems, a player might encounter a Water Sprite who offers the player a ‘quest’ to take Mana to her sister in a lake near their opponents deployment zone. If the player accepts the quest their army’s Mana pool increases by 10. When the player moves a Golem to the sister’s lake the Sprite’s Mana is removed and the player’s victory point total is increased by 2. But if the player decides to use the Sprite’s Mana for their own purposes the Sprite seeks vengeance by taking all 6 action points from the player’s next turn!


Blood Mage – Upon entering a region near an Ancient One monument, the player might encounter a Blood Mage in the beginning phases of a ritual. He also needs life force and is willing to trade the player 1 victory point for 30 health points of damage to the Golem that entered the region. Who says victory isn’t painful?

- When a player destroys a Warsprite or an Ogre Golem a Urugal Bone Merchant might appear to offer the player a deal. He will take the defeated Golem’s corpse and 2 of the player’s victory points in exchange for the player winning a Golem figure right now.

Bone MerchantNot all encounters are with characters -  the terrain holds secrets too! Relics partially buried in the hillside are accessible to Golems that enter the region. If the player wished, he or she could spend 3 of the action points to dig the Relic out – and be awarded a Relic card to take home.

Finding a RelicThese are just a few of examples of the kinds of encounters possible in the Golem Arcana storyline scenarios. The GenCon Game Hall Report (which we will post soon) will contain more examples from the “As the Embers Die”, a scenario played by Kickstarter Backer’s on Friday night. The report will detail the outcome of that scenario and it’s and it’s impact on the Epic Battle fought on Saturday night. That report will also feature coverage of the first Tournament of the Hundred Skulls.

Before I sign off, I must say a HUGE thank you to all our Emissaries who worked so hard at GenCon and in local retail stores across North America! Together, we were able share Golem Arcana with thousands of people. The Emissaries endless energy, open and friendly attitudes, and boundless enthusiasm helped make Golem Arcana *the* game to play at GenCon.  I also want to thank all the NEW people who signed up to become Emissaries to introduce people in their home towns to Golem Arcana, and continue the good work of the Emissaries at the show.

All the best,

Jordan and the HBS crew