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GenCon Game Hall Report

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The Golem Arcana area of the game hall was packed every day from 10am until 10pm and all the way until 1am on Saturday! In total over 900 people played full games of Golem Arcana in the game hall during GenCon.

Eight different scenarios where being played, from 500 point Last Man Standing to 1,000 Blood & Sands, all the way up to the Epic game which covered an entire table with 24 map tiles and dozens of figures, including the Jagara Colossus.

The highlights of the weekend in the game hall were the First Tournament of the Hundred Skulls (Click Here) and the two War Council Kickstarter Backer events.

The War Council Events

The player driven story of the world of Eretsu began on Friday night of GenCon as 36 high level Kickstarter Backers met to set the story in motion. The scenario they played was called As the Embers Die and it was set during the week that the giant fires of the Great Khan’s funeral pyres burned to mourn his death.

The board layout for As the Embers Die is a meant to invoke a network of canyons near the Gudanna Dominion’s capital city of Kutastha. The void spaces inbetween the map tiles cannot be moved into or attacked through as they represent the canyon walls.

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One of the unique aspects of As the Embers Die is that each player is presented with secret information not shown the opposing player. At a couple of times during the game each player is instructed to pick up the tablet so that only they can see the screen.

The Durani player takes the role of the recently promoted Durani Ambassador (the previous one lost his head to Nandanna – see the story What is Said). The Ambassador is secretly charged with meeting a spy at a specific location in the canyon to collect critical information and then exiting the canyon at the river exit on the far right side of the map.

The Gudanna player takes the role of a Sultan loyal to Rudatha and is secretly charged with collecting Prince Zuva, a young half brother of Rudatha’s, from another operative of The Spider Prince at a specific location. After collecting Prince Zuva the Sultan is also supposed to leave the canyon via the river exit.

When each player meets with their spy’s they are offered the choice of an alternate exit from the canyon, but both the Ambassador/Sultan and the Golem that met with the spy must leave the map via this exit.

Victory points are only awarded based upon how fast each player got their Ambassador or Sultan off the map and how fast they got the Golem that met with the spy off the map.

The results of all As the Embers Die scenarios played were tallied to determine what actually happened in the canyon that night. Stay tuned for a short story based upon the player results which will reveal the first history created by the players.

The Epic scale battle on the second night of the War Council was directly impacted by the results of the first night. The deployment positions of the Durani Jagara Colossus and the Gudanna Elite Black Widows changed based upon what information got of the canyon in the previous scenario. The Saturday night event told the tale of the first encounter between the Gudanna and Durani forces after the Great Khan’s death.

20140816_212235 (1024x768)This Epic Battle raged into the early hours of the morning and an upcoming short story tell the tale of the battle and it’s ramifications on the story of Eretsu.

Golem Arcana’s release Gen Con was an amazing and intense experience for the thousands of players we introduced the game to, the almost a thousand players who played full battles, and the hundred or so involved in the Tournament and Backer events. We can’t wait to do it all again next year!