GenCon Tournament of the Hundred Skulls


The Tournament of the Hundred Skulls

Hosted by the most powerful Mercenary Kings for over a century, the annual Tournament of the Hundred Skulls has become so prestigious that even princes of the Durani Empire and khans of the Gudanna Dominion come to compete in the event – which is equal parts debauchery, diplomacy, and displays of valor.

In its hundred-and-thirty-second year, dozens of valiant heroes came forth to claim the title Champion of the Hundred Skulls, great knights and brave commanders all. For this tournament the heroes were presented with five different pre-determined armies to command. They could select one army per battle, and if they advanced to the next battle, they were allowed to use the same army, or choose a new one for a greater challenge.

The initial battles of the tournament took place in the valley of the River Shrine. The river ran red with the blood of the fallen, and from the crimson waves four warriors strode out; Grant Collier, Joe Hamell, Karl Markovich, and Lowell Stouder.

These powerful commanders met in battle at the Oasis of the Ancient Ones for the semi-finals, and when the smoke cleared only two remained, left to battle face to face in the final round.

The final confrontation between Grant Collier and Karl Markovich was fought along the ruins of the ancient Wall of Akkara. It was an extremely close battle, but in the end Grant Collier was victorious and became the first Champion of the Tournament of the Hundred Skulls.