Golems of Arcanum Gudanna

“Nadanna’s eyes marked each man, one by one. None returned her gaze, not even those who had already secretly sworn to support her when the time came for her to claim the Dominion’s Saddle Throne. There were other heirs, for certain, but few that could match her abilities and none could match her determination.

“’I will ride to meet the Durani; and then, through them, until I behead their Emperor Hamazi, just as I butchered his lying ambassador like a spring hog!’”

When he was still a child, Jahnu Khan heard his mothers’ tales of the old city of Libir and the secrets of the Ancient Ones thought to be hidden there. The Khan’s cruel father, a warlord of Uruk, insisted these claims were nothing but fantasy, but after her suicide and Jahnu’s bloody ascension to his father’s throne, the Khan began to suspect differently.

It was in a secret vault located deep beneath Libir that the Khan and his advisors finally discovered the secrets of Arcanum Gudanna, setting the stage for his rise to power. The new Arcanum explained how to craft Golems from soil and blood, allowing the Khan to build up his forces and replenish losses right on the battlefield.

The speed and martial prowess of the Golems of Arcanum Gudanna make them ideal raiders, well-suited to devastating hit and run attacks. With forces like these at his command, the Khan was able to strike deep into the Durani Empire, wounding the great kingdom for the first time in a millenium.

Sand LionSandLion

Available in the Golem Arcana Base Game Set and in the Gudanna The Khan’s Pyre Expansion. Many learned to fear the roar of the Sand Lion during the rise of the Khan’s Dominion. Cadres of the fast-moving Lions often arrived ahead of the main horde, sowing confusion and panic in their wake. Their speed and ferocity make them choice mounts for the Dominion’s scouts and spies.

Dune Viper

Available in the Golem Arcana Base Game Set and in the Gudanna The Khan’s Pyre Expansion. The Dune Viper strikes with preternatural speed, then darts out of range. Some Arcanists speak of the mimetic quality of their craft and note that in order to animate their creations, they must draw inspiration from the fury they’ve experienced in the wider world. Perhaps that explains the tendency of every Dune Viper, upon awakening, to strike its creator.

Devil Djinn

Available in the Golem Arcana Base Game Set and in the Gudanna The Khan’s Pyre Expansion. A relentless wave of fire, violence and death follows the Devil Djinn into combat. They march behind the fast Sand Lions, and decimate those enemies left standing in their wake. The Great Khan would pierce, bypass and then cleanse with the Devil Djinns, lending them a reputation as the “gravesmen” of the Gudanna Dominion.

Demon Lash

Available in the Gudanna Terror of the Steppes Expansion. In the hands of a capable Knight, the Demon Lash with its swirling whip and spiked legs can scale any surface. It remains the Gudanna Dominion’s best weapon against Durani strongholds, able to scale sheer walls and vault over fixed fortifications.

Grappling Death

Available in the Gudanna Terror of the Steppes Expansion. The scholars of the Great Khan opined that Arcanum Gudanna was the product of a lone Arcanist. They concluded that many of the bindings used in the creation of the Grappling Death were also used in the Valkali. It is a testament to the Great Art that such similar bindings can be strung together to create such wildly different constructs.

Blood Channeler

Available in the Gudanna Terror of the Steppes Expansion. The Blood Channeler softens up opponents by removing its mask and projecting magical energy from the huge vortex in its chest. Then it wades in to finish them off with its enormous twin blades. Channelers are often seen operating back-to-back on the battlefield, sowing chaos and weaving an ever-growing wave of magical destruction.

Valkali Colossus

All the other Gudanna golems were essays in preparation for the creation of the mighty Valkali. It took the Khan and his loyal scribe Ekara over a year to translate the mysteries of the Valkali and when they were finished, the Khan wept—not out of joy, but because he knew he must slaughter his friend in order to keep the final mystery of the great Valkali’s construction a secret.


Golems of Arcanum Durani

“The emerald marking Rue on Sudhamra’s map would forever remind the Raja of his two thousand men of the Western Wind turned inside out and scattered on the field of battle. At the end of every one of their last moments on this world was the Khan on his Sand Lion—the terror of Eretsu, banner flapping in the wind, rich with the smell of blood. Sudharma was Raja now only because he had survived that day.”

The Durani are the old power of the world, and their empire has spanned a thousand years unbroken.

Arcanum Durani animates Golems carved from stone and forged from precious metal by tapping the Mana trapped within huge gems found only in the Durani homeland. Atop these glittering behemoths, the Durani war masters of old spread out, conquered, and solidified the borders of their Empire. They built roads, towers, and castles to fortify their captured territories.

They built schools, universities, mines, and factories, such that their prosperity won them even more lands and subjects then their conquest. At their peak, the Durani had civilized half the known world.

The staid resilience of the Durani Golems renders them incredibly resistant to damage and their ranged powers make them ideal for siege warfare.

Jeweled Harpy

Available in the Golem Arcana Base Game Set and in the Durani Khan’s Pyre Expansion. The fleeting shadow of a Jeweled Harpy sliding across the ground is often the last thing enemy outriders ever see. Prakrazva, the daughter of the First Traitor Vrahna, rode a Jeweled Harpy as she hunted her father in the vast expanse of the Great Waste.

Fire RamFireRam

Available in the Golem Arcana Base Game Set and in the Durani Khan’s Pyre Expansion. One of the few Golems from any Arcanum that Knights do not mount. Fire Rams have a reputation for being difficult to control, but the roar of their ranged attacks is deafening. If you can see a Fire Ram, no matter the distance, it is in range and a deadly threat. Never let them claim the high ground!

Winged Preserver

Available in the Golem Arcana Base Game Set and in the Durani Khan’s Pyre Expansion. The Winged Preserver is the paragon of the Durani aesthetic, the indomitable symbol of the enduring strength of the Durani Empire, often referred to as the “Emperor’s Sons.” The conquered peoples of the Durani Periphery can do little more than watch from the shadows as this strong and agile construct enforces the Emperor’s will.

Vigilant Sentinel

Some say the madness had already corrupted the First Traitor Vrahna when he designed the Durani Sentinel. Its ferocity and aggressive attacks are unlike other Golems from Arcanum Durani. The superstition remains that a little bit of Vrahna’s madness passes back into the hearts of all Sentinel Knights.

Blazing Dervish

Steeped in spells, warded, and perfectly balanced, the twin blades of the Durani Dervish take longer to forge than the Golem itself. It is said that early copies of Arcanum Durani included plans for Golems with swords fused to their arms, but this so limited movement range as to prove ineffectual in combat.

Growling Phalanx

The armor of the Phalanx is so thick as to make it nearly invulnerable to foes. At the battle of Tel Antara, a single Phalanx commanded by the mighty Avetsaka of Cold Shore held back the Witching Crown’s forces for more than two days before succumbing to the sustained onslaught.

Jagara Colossus

This enormous Golem, the largest ever fielded by the Durani, stands sentry over entire army groups, a walking mountain. It serves as a commander’s base of operations, a watch tower, and a devastating weapon in combat.

Few forces can survive an assault on a Jagara Colossus. Before it fell, nine Gudanna cadres broke upon the Jagara Colossus at Rue like ocean waves.



Golems of Arcanum Urugal

“The Horned Blight stopped, but the clanking of its burden continued, as it reached the edge of the stream. The mass of bone twitched and shifted, as nervous as its rider. The Urugal Knight, Raza Osa Bin Beleem, jumped down to consider the mud. The moment he left his Golem, it lost its spark and became a frozen statue of bones.”

Once a deeply spiritual people, the Urugal clans, now called the Bone Merchants, come and go, moving from place to place and never remaining for too long. They are distrusted wherever they go, but are known as traders, merchants and fervent mercenaries. They hold their oaths, as long as the coin holds.

Golems crafted from Arcanum Urugal are fashioned from the bones of the dead that were pulled from living flesh in a corrupt arcane ritual. They’re seen everywhere, under any banner, sold to anyone with sufficient coin.

The Golems of Arcanum Urugal are blunt instruments, built to withstand punishment while battering their opponents into the dirt. Their stamina and speed make them ideal for close combat; they are the masters of up-close violence and death magic.

Horned BlightHornedBlight

Available in the Khan’s Pyre Expansion. The Horned Blight range before Urugal assault groups to charge, hit, and stun opponents, leaving them for other units to mop up. At the battle of Fennoc, ten Horned Blights fighting alongside the Durani Eastern Wind famously broke the Gudanna line.

Plague Bringer

Available in the Khan’s Pyre Expansion. The Plague Bringer spreads death magic wherever it goes. Often, it wreaks havoc in combat, moving from target to target, softening up resistance during a hectic assault, never stopping to engage lone opponents.

Carrion Raptor

Available in the Khan’s Pyre Expansion. Though the Urugal hold all the mighty beasts of Eretsu in high esteem, it is the bones of the Great Paranya bird for whom they hold the most reverence since it devours the bodies of the Urugal dead during the Ceremony of the Sky. The Carrion Raptor brings that same release to foes on the battlefield.

Necromantic Fencer

Wraith-like, these Golems weave through battlefields, darting in and striking with great speed and precision. Often, after the battle has abated, these are the Golems that drag the corpses of the dead onto the great war fires, before the Corpse Collectors come.

Corpse Collector

To the Urgal, the difference between life and death is entirely illusory. Death is just another stage in the great journey. The Knights who ride the Corpse Collectors are most fervent adherents of this creed. Taking wing, they cruise above and drop suddenly on their opponents like a bird of prey. After, they harvest the choicest bones for later use.

Bone Fiend

This huge Golem carries a death magic focus with which it can devastate even the most formidable targets. A cadre of Bone Fiends assaulted the western defenses of the city of Ajeem in the Black Rout, killing three of the Durani Emperor’s family in one battle.


Golems of Arcanum Zikia

“Suddenly, the tree behind Beleem took an enormous stride forward. Towering twice as high as his own Golem, the Wildwood Dryad was certainly imposing. Beleem had to crane his neck to take it all in. If this was his end then at least there was some wonder in it.”

As diverse as the plants from which their Golems are formed, the Zikia tribes—known as the Forest Born—are found all over Eretsu.

Arcanum Zikia is only known in name and function, for none except the secretive tribes of the wood can say to have studied it. The Forest Born pass it from one generation to the next in the form of traditional songs and use its secrets to help carve out roles for themselves within the more civilized nations of Eretsu. Thus, one might see a Zikia princess at court in the Durani Empire or a war captain of the Gudanna Dominion covered in the ritual markings of the forest tribes. Their Arcanum and the Golems it creates are the Zikia tribesmen’s key to unlock the halls of power in this world.

Arcanum Zikia teaches the crafting of Golems from living things. Golems of Arcanum Zikia are tailor-made for ambush tactics, using an array of special abilities to surprise and defeat their enemies. Zikia Golems draw power from nature and the strength of the woods. This makes them flexible and versatile in combat and in ambush.


Available in the Khan’s Pyre Expansion. It is said that one is watched by the very trees the moment one sets foot in the great Wildwood of the Zikia tribes. More likely one is watched by hidden Zikia Knights mounted on nimble Bramblehorns.


Available in the Khan’s Pyre Expansion. The lumbering Woodguard emits a magic that reinforces all nearby allies. The Woodguard are known as unstoppable walls of armor, and their relentless march forward is terrifying to all but the most resilient troops.

Wildwood Dryad

Available in the Khan’s Pyre Expansion. The Wildwood Dryad is armed with a huge scimitar and magic that allows it to ensnare opponents in plants and undergrowth. Its nimble nature means it is nearly impossible to ensnare in direct combat; it dissolves and regrows pieces of its body at will.


The armored shoulders of the Creeper protect it from assault in an erupting cloud of spores. Creepers are typically used to supplement the main battle line, and when needed, to fortify chokepoints until reinforcements arrive.

Thorn Beast

Covered from head to toe in poisonous spines, the Thorn Beast emits a deadly sap poison that spreads to any target it can touch. Knights fear the poison of the Thorn Beast, as it can cause paralysis, insanity, and death.

Fen Lord

The power of the Fen Lord is not to be underestimated. Its tentacles lash out and encircle enemies, pulling the unwary in close to enmesh and overgrow. The power of the vine courses through the Fen Lord, and with it, the ability to infiltrate, split, and shatter stone.