Major update to Knights, Ancient Ones & Army Point Values

Hail, Warriors of Eretsu!

This blog post contains the thought process behind today’s major update to Knights, Ancient Ones, and Army Point Values. Because Golem Arcana is a Living Game and our servers are able to collect gameplay data, the more you play, the better information we will have to balance the game. You can expect another (smaller) update around the end of the month.

This update is automatic and will apply the next time you launch the app. More Knights will be added after further testing and additional code support is in place. Those additions will require you to download an app update from iTunes or GooglePlay some time in October.

Golem Knights

One of our goals in revisiting the Knight Powers was to give them a stronger game-impact. However, one of the challenges in delivering on that goal is that some abilities are not worth the same Army Point Value on a Warsprite as they are on a Titan.


Ditallu the Brave, who has the power to gain 5 Armor when her Golem is hit the first time during a Round.

 A great example of this is a bonus to Armor: A Knight with a passive ability that provides 5 extra points of armor would add substantially to the survival of a Titan because it would add to the Titan’s already heavy armor. However, on a Warsprite, the additional 5 points of armor would not provide a significant increase in survivability.

Another example: Effects that improve all of a Golem’s attacks for a duration of time or provide cooldown effects. In this case, a Titan’s 3 attacks (with higher average damage to begin with) would receive a higher benefit than a smaller Golem’s 2 attacks.

We solved these balance issues by associating Knights with specific classes of golems. Now, some Knights may command Ogres & Warsprites, some may command Titans, and others may command all three. The Colossus, who requires 3 Knights to control it, comes with 3 of its own Knights along with a couple of Durani Knights who could scale up without breaking balance.

In addition to Knight abilities, we also took a fresh look at Activation Costs. You’ll notice a lot more Passive Knight abilities, and abilities that cost Mana or Health Points to activate. Broadening the types of activation costs allowed for more variety in Army Point Value as well.


Sudura-Valli, the Trapper

We’ve also rebalanced the Ancient Ones’ Army Point Values to better reflect their relative worth in your army. It probably won’t surprise you that different Ancient Ones now have different values — especially when some have only 2 favors to offer and others have a full compliment of Blessings, Curses and Miracles.

Ancient Ones are now valued according to the cumulative Army Point Value of each individual ability, with some “designer judgment” adjustments if the Ancient One’s value seems greater than the sum of its parts.

Relics & Golems

Since we were already revising the Knights and Ancient Ones, we also took a fresh pass at the Army Point Value of the Golems and Relics based on playtest feedback and the first blush of analytics data we’ve collected so far. As more players join the world of Eretsu and we analyze more data, we’ll revisit APVs again, likely in an October update.

Note that due to a change in how Mana is collected from Wells, the information on one of the Jagara’s relic cards – the one that creates a Mana Well – contains an error. Therefore, the relic card’s information will be overridden by the app. This is the only situation like this we are aware of, and we’re doing our best to ensure we don’t need to override printed information in the future.

What about the Armies I’ve Already Created?

If you’ve created an army that contains a Knight whose APV has changed or who has been removed from the game, it will display a yellow exclamation point in the Army Builder. All you need to do is tap that army and a dialog box will open asking if you wish to recalculate its APV.

We’re Listening!

Soon, the official Golem Arcana forums will open on this web site, and we hope you share your experiences with other players and people curious about the game. The design team really values your feedback – especially in this early post-release stage – and the forums are a great place to tell us what you think!

If you have bugs or issues to report, please send a description (including device and operating system info) to

Thanks for your support!