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Could You Be an Emissary of Eretsu?

As the Organized Play Coordinator, I’m lucky to have the opportunity to interact on a daily basis with players who are already so passionate about Golem Arcana that they volunteer their valuable time to encourage others to love the game as much as they do – the Emissaries of Eretsu!

Emissaries are Mentors and Organizers who coordinate events and demonstrations that allow players to get the most out of Golem Arcana. Since just this past May, Emissaries have been out there introducing people to Golem Arcana, and helping us raise awareness of the game.

They have demoed the game in their local (and sometimes not so local) game stores and conventions, arranged unofficial tournaments, helped staff our booth at Origins, GenCon, and PAX and given us amazing feedback on the game and how we can serve the Golem Arcana community better.  They have hosted almost 300 events in over 138 different stores and venues and more events continue to be added to our event calendar on a daily basis.  For a game that has only been available in stores for 6 weeks, that’s more than amazing!!

We ask Emissaries to commit to organizing two Golem Arcana events a month, be willing to respond to local retailer and convention Emissary requests, and share their knowledge and enthusiasm of Golem Arcana with others. In return, Emissaries get advance information about the game and opportunities to give us direct feedback, early access to scenarios and playtest materials, and invitations to Emissary Appreciation Events as they earn points that can be used for both digital and physical rewards. You can see more specifics about the responsibilities and rewards of being an Emissary on our website.

If the Emissary program sounds fun to you, we encourage you to fill out an Emissary application now. We still have spots available but can only sign up a limited number of Emissaries in each geographical area and some already have a waiting list.

We look forward to hearing from you.

John Swinkels – Organized Play Coordinator