Living World Fiction

     In August at GenCon our Kickstarter backers played the first scenarios that influenced our Living World. The first was “As the Embers Die” in which both the Durani and Gudanna players received secret information (you can read more about the scenarios here). Ryan Schapals has crafted a story based on the outcomes of those 16 games played of “As the Embers Die” from the perspective of Gudanna shepherd caught in the battle. Click here to find out if Rudatha was able to lay hands on the escaping Prince Zuva.
     The outcomes of that scenario directly influenced the Epic Game that our backers played the following night. Nathan Weisman has written a story that deals with the fallout of that battle, click here to get some insight into the increasingly strained relationship between Rudatha and Nandanna as experienced by two estranged brothers.
     This was just the beginning of what we have planned for the Living World, something akin to an Alpha Test. We are looking forward to sharing more about our future plans for this Fall!

As the Embers Die by Ryan Schapals
First Blood by Nathan Weisman