How to Optimize your Gudanna Wave One Army so Your Devil Djinn Can Do 261 Points of Damage in One Turn!

First, let me say that this is not a recommended strategy. However, this is the kind of exercise that we often do when we’re playtesting the game just to see what happens. It helps us figure out where things might be “broken” and how we might be able to fix them. I thought it might be fun to walk you through this exercise and maybe it will give you some ideas of how to maximize your Army. Here goes!

When you create your army, you’ll want to take the Avenger Ancient One, and give the Bone Gate Totem relic to the Devil Djinn.

Next, you’re going to need 38 mana, so send your Sand Lion and Dune Viper out to start harvesting. With any luck, your opponent will kill one or both of them giving you a death mana bonus. After you have the mana, spend 2AP to walk your Devil Djinn into the square with their biggest, meanest golem.

Cast the Avenger’s Miracle, “Vengeance”, giving all your units 10 accuracy and +10 damage and then cast the curse “Eye for an Eye” in the region with your Devil Djinn making it so both friend and foe take additional damage in this region.

Have the Devil Djinn deploy the Bone Gate Totem where he is.  The Bone Gate Totem has two melee attacks – one that normally does 35 damage but will now do 55 damage and one that normally does 31 damage but does 51 damage this turn.

Now use your remaining 4AP to attack with the Devil Djinn:  use 1AP to attack with Liquid Fire (It should do 45 damage this turn) and then follow up with Crush (which should do 55 damage this turn).

This will leave you with two remaining AP that  you can use to attack with Crush again.  Since it’s in cooldown, it will cost 2AP instead of 1AP but it’s worth it because in this single turn, it can still do another 55 damage.

When you add up all your attacks during this turn, if fortune favored your dice rolls,  you will have done 261 points of damage! If, by some small miracle, whatever you were attacking is still living at the end of the turn, they will also take another 15 damage points over the next 3 turn from the effects of Liquid Fire.

Of course, if you choose to employ this strategy against another player, you might have to say goodbye to your friend, because after a whooping like that, they may not want to play with you again. :)

Clearly, this is not a very well rounded army so I’m sure you guys already have lots of ideas how to take this build down, and I’d love to hear about them! Head on over to the Golem Arcana Forums and, when I get back from Essen, I’ll share my favorite counter strategies!