Automata Scene 2 Final

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With the start of Living World scenarios, we have created the @HeraldofEretsu Twitter account.  This dedicated feed will give real time updates on the progress of battles and events in the world of Eretsu.

During the two week window when Living World scenarios are available, @HeraldofEretsu will dispatches from the battlefield and give players an idea of how the decisions they have made during their games fit into the bigger picture of the battles in which they are fighting.

Driven off of data collected from the games, @HeraldofEretsu will not only report on current battles, but also be the first to report on troop movement announcements from the leaders of Eretsu. In addition, the Herald will bring glory to player armies that have performed exceptionally on the field battle by announcing their acts of valor to the world.

Be sure to follow @HeraldofEretsu to get all the up to date news as the War of Blood and Stone begins in earnest.