The Living World Feature is LIVE!

The Living World Feature of Golem Arcana is now live and we have begun the first Living World Campaign – Shadow of the Khan!

The digitally enhanced nature of Golem Arcana allows us to do what no other tabletop game can do – use gameplay results from actual games to inform the story and the world of the game. This is at the heart of our Living World scenarios where your choice of faction, conversations with characters, acceptance and completion of quests, battlefield deals of expediency, and your moral choices will affect the fate the world of Eretsu itself.

Each Living World Campaign is created from a 3 scenario story arc played over the course of 2 months. The Battle of Two Rock, our first Story Scenario is available now through November 12 and every game will determine the outcome of the battle. All you have to do is pledge your 1000 point army to the cause of the mighty Gudanna Dominion or the ancient Durani Empire and claim victory for your faction and glory for yourself.

The next two Story Scenarios will include The Caves of Mahtis running November 19 – December 3 and The Lords of the Line running December 10 – December 24. We hope you’ll play them all!

Play The Battle of Two Rock at home or your local game store for the next 2 weeks only and forge the fate of Eretsu! And, after you play, don’t forget to share your tales from the front on our Forums!