How To Take Down a Jagara Colossus

Zach here again, talking about how to take down the big guy- the Jagara Colossus! First off, we need to admit that the Jagara Colossus is massive – there’s just no getting around that. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s invincible. Here are a couple of fun approaches to try to cut him down to size.

When you think about it, the true strength of a Jagara Colossus is in it’s 18 points of armor which means that even the strongest attack does just a piddling amount of damage. Brute strength just isn’t going to cut it so you need to get a little clever if you want to defeat him. My favorite ways are with armor mitigation using Armor Shred, or by using attacks that do Damage Over Time.

For the Damage Over Time strategy, I like to use a combination of the Assassin Ancient One, the Wildwood Dryad and as many Bramblehorns as you have to field.  Start with the Open Wounds curse from the Ancient One, as soon as you can gather enough mana (good thing those Bramblehorns are fast mana well runners!). This creates a situation where every attack that hits the target will also do 5 points of  DOT for the next 2 turns. If you can cast an Open Wounds curse on the Jagara’s region and then have all your Bramblehorns shoot it with their Scouting Flares, this sneaky combination will actually do a fair bit of damage in the proceding turns.

Since this strategy works best when using a lot of small ranged units, you may also want to take the Prince Ancient One. Using the blessing, Pride of Empire, will give you 5 additional  accuracy points and 5 additional damage points for every ally in the region making a region full of war sprites do some pretty good damage!

Next, you want to utilize the Wildwood Dryad’s Thorn Eruption since it does 10 damage for the next two turns if you’re successful. With that combo, even a Colossus will be in a world of hurt for a couple rounds. Just watch out for the Apocalyptic Blast from the Jagara!

Another way to take down the Jagara Colossus is using a strategy of Armor Shred. For this strategy, you’ll want to make sure to bring the Plague Bringer, Carrion Raptor and the Water Bringer Ancient One into battle with you.

You’ll want to start by reducing the Jagara’s armor by 10 using the Plague Bringers’ Necrotic Grasp. This makes him much more manageable! Next, you’ll want to cast the Water Bringer’s blessing Revitalize. This blessing truly shines when fighting the Jagara since it reduces all of your cooldowns by 2 when you either move into the region with Revitalize or start your turn in that region.

To take the best advantage of this, you’ll want to cast the Revitalize blessing on the Carrion Raptor’s region when your Carrion Raptor is adjacent to the Jagara. Since the Jagara is bigger than your titan, whether or not the Carrion Raptor hits or misses the Jagara with it’s Skewer ability, the Carrion Raptor will be bounced back into its initial region (with the handy Revitalize blessing!). At this point, because the Carrion Raptor technically left the region for the charge, and bounced back into the region with Revitalize, both the Carrion Raptors move and attack will be cooled down. The Carrion Raptors Walk and Skewer abilities are each 1 AP so you can charge 4 times a turn in 1000 point game with a possible 160 damage before armor soak.  One thing to note is that if you hadn’t reduced the Jagara’s armor at all, that damage will be reduced to only 88 which is why it’s important to get in there with the Plague Bringer early and get rid of as much of that armor as you can.

Those are my ideas about how to bring down the Jagara – I’d love to hear if anyone else has come up with different strategies over on the forum!

See you over there!