Results of the Battle of Two Rock

The Recorded History of the Battle of Two Rock:

Led by Luja and her brother Murkha, the Durani launched a massive assault on the City of Two Rock. The assaulting force brought with it an unheard of number of Jagara to ensure their victory. Raga Dasra sent this mighty host to flank the Gudanna castles of the line that protect the Dominion’s northern border to aid the Empires invading armies.

When the Durani descended on the city through a mountain pass, the Gudanna at Two Rock were caught unprepared and took heavy losses in the initial attack. The Durani, inspired by their early victories, tried to make the most of their advantage by speeding the advance of their Jagara with the Rooted Road relic.

The Durani’s early success in the battle was not to last, however. A daring Gudanna commander equipped his War Sprites with the Great Sigil of Suffering, sending them deep into the Durani lines as suicide bombers. The sacrifices of the Gudanna Knights were not in vain, as they they sowed chaos and death through the Durani ranks.

As the rear lines of the Durani descended into chaos, the Gudanna defenders rallied, bringing the the force of their vengeance down upon Murkha, who was leading the forward assault from his Jagara. With Murkha’s death, the Gudanna had solidified their advantage in the battle.

The fighting at Two Rock did not stop there. In all, the Durani would lose four more of their prized Colossi and over 380 other golems before the siege on the city was broken. At the end of two weeks of fighting in the streets and on the walls of the city, however, the banners of the Gudanna Dominion still fly above Two Rock.

The outcome of the battle of Two Rock was not the only act of historical significance. Warriors from both sides were faced with tasks not directly tied to taking the city.

During the battle, Raja Khan Archa who had followed a suspect in the Great Khans murder to Two Rock was separated from his companion Yuvaka as the battle started. Yuvaka was discovered to have  been found behind  the Durani lines. Learning of this, a loyal follower of Rudatha, managed to make it to Yuvaka’s location, however, he was not alone in rescuing the young warrior. Seeing the plight of Yuvaka, a Golem knight loyal to Nandanna, disregarded her order to capture the warrior and turn him over to her, and instead helped Rudatha’s Knight secure Yuvaka’s freedom.

In addition, the Durani courier carrying gold bound for the Mercenary King Vanya barely made it out of the city. Laghu Chandrisetra the Pauper and his Jeweled Harpy’s  fate was unsure until the final moments of the battle with rumors of his demise preceding his unexpected arrival.

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