Lords of the Line, Living Word Scenario playable till Jan. 7!

The Living World Scenario Lords of the Line  is now live! Having bested the Durani at the battle of Two Rock the Gudanna have halted the Empire’ s invasion. Taking advantage of their victory the Gudanna are now trying to change the tide of the war by capturing the one of the mighty Durani border castles on the Line.  The Durani are not without allies however, the Mercenary King Vanya and his Untamed have sided with the Empire in the battle.

Rally your 1000 point Golem Arcana army and join the fight to determine the fate or Eretsu! Every game of Lords of the Line played before January 7th will be counted toward deciding the outcome of the battle, which in turn will have a direct effect on future scenarios and the world of Eretsu.

For the most up to date information on how the battle is progressing be sure to follow @HeraldofEretsu on Twitter.