New Features in Update!

A new update for the Golem Arcana app is coming today for the iTunes, Google Play, and will be coming soon to Amazon. The update includes several new features, listed below.


Scenario Builder:

Scenario Builder allows you to make custom Scenarios using any of the tiles you own. In addition to creating a custom map, you will be able to place deployment zones, control zones and choose victory conditions. Victory conditions range from death match to king of the hill to a combination of the two.

Save Game 

The save game feature will allow players to save a game that is in progress and return to it at a later time. No longer will you have to worry about not having enough time to finish your epic Golem Arcana game.

Building Armies:

The layout of the in-app army creator has been updated to allow players to browse Golems by Arcanum. In addition, you can tell the app which Golems you own and then filter them to the top of the list to make army building easier.

New Digital Blood Knights and Ancient One: 

There is now an in-app store where you will be able to find new Blood Knights and Ancient Ones for sale. Blood Knights are powerful warriors who have both a passive ability and active ability. New Knights and Ancient Ones will be added to the store over time to acquire for your armies.

Beta of Emissary event system: 

The update includes the beta version of several tools that are designed to help Emissaries host organized play events.