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QR Army Transfer/ Login Guide

Not everyplace you’ll want to play Golem Arcana is going to have a readily available internet connection, or connection speeds may be prohibitively slow. To get around this and to help make sure you can play where you want, how you want – we’ve created an “Offline” method to join games and transfer your army data to another device without a wifi or internet connection. Below is a step by step guide that shows you how to transfer your data to another device.

To play on a Host Device

Player 1

1. Select Battle

2. Select Create Game

3. Choose a scenario

4. Select your position and use your account as normal

5.When selecting a position for the other player, choose Invitation Code








6. Tap OK










7. A QR code is presented for the other player to scan










Player(s) 2, 3, etc.

8. Select Battle on their device

9. Select Join

10. Tap OK










11. Use the camera to scan the host’s (player 1) code










12. Success! – Tap OK to continue










13.Choose your army










14.Tap Generate Event Response










15.Present code as shown to Player 1










Player 1

16.Tap Code Scanned










17.Tap OK










18.Tap Scan Player Code










19.Scan Player 2’s Code










20.Success! Tap OK










21.Repeat for any additional players, and you’re ready to rock! Tap Begin











New App Features and Main Menu Changes!

The Golem Arcana App can be automatically updated on your device now! Here are some of the changes you’ll find!


Play with Up to 8 Players in a Single Game!


Golem Arcana now supports up to 8 players in a single game playing on one device! Multiplayer scenarios will be included and you’ll also be able to create your own scenarios in the Scenario Creator.

Create Your Own Banner!


When leading your army into battle, it’s only appropriate that you fly your banner so we have added the Banner Creator feature.

When you build or edit an army, you can just tap on the banner next to your Army’s name to open the Banner Creator. From there, you can choose from a list of pre-generated Banners or you can customize the Shape, Pattern, Color, and Sigil for your Banner to make it your own.

You can also save the banner as an exported .jpg to print and use on the Banner Stands included in the Base Game.

Transfer Your Army Anywhere Without WiFi!

Playing somewhere without WiFi but need to transfer your army to another device? We now have a solution for that. Here are step by step directions so you can see how it works!

QR Codes

Main Menu Changes for Ease of Play!

Since the Main Menu is the first thing a player sees in the app, we wanted to ensure it was aesthetically pleasing but, more importantly, we wanted to make it more intuitive for finding features.


The Options Menu has moved and now has its own button in the upper right hand corner . This button gives you access to the Stylus Manager and a new Volume-adjustment Slider.

Quick Game is for players who just want to play with minimal setup, and get right to the action. Pick a scenario, set up your map and golems, play!

Battle offers all the customization options that are available, and introduces a new way for other players to join your game without needing a wifi/internet connection, (see: QR Army Transfer/Login above).

Build is where you’ll find the creation tools for your Armies and Scenarios.

Events is a quick way to browse and join an Emissary or HBS-hosted event, (like our upcoming Competitive Play League ).

We are incredibly excited to share these new features and updates with you, and hope they make your experiences with Golem Arcana even more enjoyable.



The Jade Guardians

Meet the Jade Guardians, a new Elite force set to release on the 4th of February! The Jade Guardians are an elite unit attached to the Western Wind of the Durani Empire, and they are a terrifying force to behold on the battlefield. Trained by the enigmatic Master Arahmsi, they are adept at using their environment against their enemies. Hailing from deep in the Emerald mountains of the Upper Hamazi Empire, the Jade Guardians are not to be underestimated.


Master Arahmsi, Abbot of the Great Monastery of the Emerald Mountains, is the enigmatic leader of the equally mysterious Jade Guardians, an elite unit attached to the Western Wind of the Durani Empire. Arahmsi is a blood knight, descended directly from the Ancient Ones. Like all blood knights, he has both a passive and an active ability.



Master Arahmsi’s passive ability, Ancients’ Blessing, will increase his Jade Dervish’s damage by the amount of mana left in a well in his region. The Dervish’s two close combat attacks make Master Arahmsi’s golem extraordinarily adept at capturing and holding mana wells. The Jade Dervish can capitalize on the extra damage granted by Ancients’ Blessing by using Blades of Pain. This attack will reduce its target’s armor by 10 for 1 round—but on a critical hit, the target’s armor will be reduced to 0 for the rest of the game


Harpy_JadeGuardian_2Abhra Roha pilots his Jade Harpy with the grace of the wind, easily dodging his enemies’ attacks. Abhra’s passive ability, Ascetic Vows, gives him additional dodge equal to the cover bonus of his region when he is targeted by a melee attack. His golem’s Jade Gust can secure Abhra’s safety by pushing its target 2 regions away (though the attack will not work against Colossi). In addition to its powerful Gust, the Jade Harpy can harass enemies at a distance with its painful Screech.




Thornbeast_JadeGuardians_2Suryaka is at his best when others would be hopelessly outnumbered. Using Austerity’s Flame combined with his golem’s Emboldened Punch, Suryaka turns the 1 AP attack into a devastating blow to every golem in the target’s region. Emboldened Punch deals 10 extra damage per enemy in the Jade Thornbeast’s region, meaning the attack can pack a potential 30 extra points of punch!




GrowlingPhalanx_JadeGuardians_2Dhau Tazila commands the mighty Jade Phalanx, a monster in melee with two close combat attacks. Scatter Bash, an area-of-effect attack, will push every enemy it hits 1 region away, potentially clearing a whole region in one sweep. Relentless Grasp, on the other hand, gains 25 accuracy for 2 rounds if it misses, ensuring the Phalanx will ultimately connect with the deadly attack.



Dhau Tazila’s knight ability makes him the perfect companion to Master Arahmsi. On activation, Primal Wellspring will create a small mana well worth 6 mana if he is in a region with medium cover. This allows Dhau Tazila to set the stage for Master Arahmsi to fight with the benefit of his passive ability, Ancients’ Blessing.


In addition to their own unique abilities, the Jade Guardians’ golems all share a common passive ability. Trained to turn their environment against their enemies, each Jade golem will deal damage to enemies in its region each round depending on the cover in the region: in ground cover, enemies will take 5 damage; in medium cover, 10 damage; and in heavy cover, a whopping 15 damage per round.

Think the Jade Guardians are going to change the tide in the war? Can’t wait to to crush Dhau Tazila under your Gudanna boot? Join the conversation about the Jade Guardians here!


Prelude of Flames_Inset

Prelude of Flames

We have a new story, this time from our associate producer Katherine Walker.

Watch through the eyes of a mysterious young boy as an Imperial Banner razes a village on the edge of the Wildwood to the ground.

And don’t forget, if you want to read it in your favourite e-reader, you can always download the PDF!


Living World Wrap Up: Shadow of the Khan

Join Jordan Weisman, Brian Poel, Chris Rogers, and Nate Weisman as they chat about Golem Arcana’s first Living World story arc, Shadow of the Khan, and answer community questions. In addition to answering questions Jordan and Chris took this chance to make a few big announcements for projects down the line including a novella and a source book!

Click here to watch the video!

Then join the conversation on our Forums!


GrowlingPhalanx_1 - SR

Durani Scions of Honor

The Durani march to war and Eretsu shakes.

The Scions of Honor now march with the Empire’s armies, bringing with them a host of new abilities to halt the Gudanna hordes. Including the Vigilant Sentinel, Blazing Dervish and Growling Phalanx, in addition to four new relics The Scions of Honor are here to turn the tide.


Sentinel_2 (JT)

Often working in conjunction with a battery of Fire Rams or other Durani ranged units, the Vigilant Sentinel is a deadly scout. Using Burning Beacon, the Sentinel marks its enemies by spitting a burning blue orb that attaches to them. While marked enemies will take 15 more damage from ranged attacks. The mark will last for two rounds.




Found on the front lines of Durani armies, the Blazing Dervish uses its dual swords to shred the armor of its enemies. The Dervish is a determined fighter, and missing only spurs it to attack again and again, as it gains 15 Accuracy to all of its attacks on the round after it misses. The Blazing Dervish can also launch its swords forward with its Flying Scimitars attack, which costs 1 AP – and the attack will set up Blade Dance even if it misses. Blade Dance will ignore 5 Armor as well as shred its targets armor by 5 for 2 rounds.


GrowlingPhalanx_1 - SR

Easily identified by its massive shield, the Growling Phalanx is the keystone to any Durani assault. The Phalanx’s shield does more than just protect itself, allies who are in its region will gain a cover bonus equal to the Phalanx’s current Armor.  The Titan however is not just a giant shield; strong enough to lift even Titan-class golems, the Phalanx can toss its foes to adjacent regions, dealing 15 Damage to all golems therein and 20 to the golem who was tossed. Using the giant jewels attached to its shield the Phalanx may also blind enemies, reducing their Accuracy by 15 for two rounds.


Scions of Honor also includes four new relics to outfit your army with.



Darya’s Leaden Helm will makes its wearer nigh invulnerable. When activated the Helm will grant its wearer 15 Armor- but its great weight will reduce that same golem’s movement to 0 for 3 rounds.





The Heart of Nadi is steeped in tragic mythos, but it may be your saving grace. When activated the Heart will pulse violently, pushing your target 3 regions away.





Durani_r025Bhakram’s Cauldron is filled with the elixir of eternal flame, mixed over 400 years ago and still burning. Used in battle, the Cauldron will cause the next attack used to deal 15 additional Damage to every other golem in the target’s region.





Durani_r024 The Stone of Parvata, the first stone set at the founding of the long destroyed city of ancients, still carries the legacy of the city’s greatness. When activated the stone will raise the city’s ruins, creating a hill at its location.





The Scions of Honor will be available January 21. 



Valkali Colossus

Valkali: The Many Faced Gudanna Colossus

Valkali ColossusThe Gudanna Colossus Valkali is here to level the battlefield against the Durani. The Valkali is a uniquely flexible Golem, capable of completely changing its four attacks to fit perfectly into your army.

Having less health and armor than its Durani counterpart the Jagara, the Valkali makes up for it with greater Dodge and Speed.

The Valkali can be equipped  with any four out of a total of six masks, each of which allows the Colossus to use a different powerful attack.




The Mask of Burden grants the ability Vizier’s Favor. Vizier’s Favor can target an enemy or an ally, giving them a mighty boon but also causing a significant amount of damage. The targeted golem will gain 2 Movement, 10 Accuracy, and deal 10 extra Damage for 2 rounds. However the affected golem will also take 15 Damage each round.



Gudanna_r050 The Mask of Devouring gives the Valkali the ability Fiend’s Conflagration, an expensive attack that can completely destroy an enemy’s formation.

Fiend’s Conflagration is an area effect attack that will deal 20 Damage to each golem in the region it targets. In addition, each enemy golem that is hit by the attack will take 5 damage for the next 2 rounds, and that damage splashes onto any of their allies who are sharing a region with them.




The Mask of Tranquility allows the Valkali to use Meditator’s Stride. Meditator’s Stride is a close combat area of effect attack that also helps reduce the Valkali’s cooldown on its movement abilities.

Meditator’s Stride deals 30 damage to each golem hit, and reduces all of the Valkali’s movement ability cool downs by 1 for each Golem hit.




The Mask of Ferocity gives the Valkali Berserker’s Strike. Berserker’s Strike is the Valkali’s hail-mary. While it deals a devastating 55 Damage, the attack only has a 50% chance to hit. To make up for having such a low accuracy however, the attack ignores all cover bonuses that its target has.




Gudanna_r048The Mask of Desertion will allow the Valkali to unleash the Coward’s Punishment. The Mask of Desertion is perfect for chasing down fleeing enemies and ending them. When used, Cowards Punishment marks a target for death. After being marked the Golem will take an additional 10 damage every time it is hit for the next 2 rounds. In addition when the Valkali activates the ability all of its movement abilities gain 1 movement.




The Mask of Assault lets the Valkali unleash the Warrior’s Onslaught. Onslaught is the Valkali’s straight beatdown attack. Dishing out 30 Damage, the attack will also reduce its Cooldown by 1 every time it hits.
The Valkali also comes with two powerful Colossal relics.



Gudanna_r041The Riven Garnet, reduces the Armor of all Golems in a region by 15, although they regain 5 armor each round for three rounds afterwards. The Garnet is useful for punching through heavy armor, quickly bringing even a Durani Preserver to its knees.




Gudanna_r040The Sanguine Whip will allow you to push your Gudanna army to more than you thought possible. The Relic will grant you an additional 4 Action Points for the round, although it will also give an enemy 2 Action Points on their next turn. While it’s a risky move, the ability to almost double your AP for a turn may be all you need to secure victory.



Lords of the Line Results

The Recorded History of the Battle of the Lords of the Line:

Taking the initiative after defeating the invading Imperial Durani army at Two Rock, the Lords of the Dominion mustered at Val Sattra for a counterattack on the Durani castle of Tel Kubra on the Line. Composed of 15 fortresses, seven Gudanna and eight Durani, the Castles of the Line comprises the most militarized section of the border between the Empire and Dominion.

Princess Nandanna led the assault on Tel Kubra, but the majority of the Lords taking the field were loyal to her brother, the Spider Prince.

Opposing the Gudanna horde was Raja Sudhamra along with the aid of Mercenary King Vanya and his band of warriors, the Untamed. While the Gudanna were mustering their forces and sending a vanguard to a small outpost in the free land between the two castles, Vanya’s Untamed planted traps for them across the battlefield. Placing both poisonous traps and snares proved to be incredibly effective, and 96 powerful Gudanna Knights were felled by poisonous spore traps alone.

The two armies were not the only ones in the area, with civilians who had settled the no man’s land during the years of peace between the Empire and Dominion finding themselves entrapped in the middle of the war. The civilians, protected by neither Gudanna or Durani lords, turned to beseech whomever they could for help and, in a true show of humanity, both sides did everything within their power to help bring the refugees to safety.

As well, both the Empire and Dominion were approached by smugglers who had been living nearby. Having smuggled goods into out of both nations for generations, the smugglers offered to show their potential clients a hidden route to get behind the enemy lines.

While both the Durani and Gudanna accepted the terms of using the smugglers’ route during the battle, the Gudanna truly made the most out of the opportunity, sending almost half of the assembled horde through the smugglers’ tunnels.

As supplies for both armies were running low Nandanna faced the reality of returning to Kutastha in failure. The thought made more bitter by her brothers recent victory at Two Rock. In the final hours of the battle Nandanna personally led a final assault on Tel Kubra. She attacked head on, choosing to assault the main gate of the castle. Within hours of her taking the field the magical wards on the gate were blasted apart, and they breached the walls of Tel Kubra. After a short but bloody skirmish, the castle flew the banners of the Crown of Uruk.

The battle was far from one sided however. The Durani warriors did more than merely beat back the Gudanna horde, launching several counter attacks against Val Sattra that nearly brought the Gudanna fortifications of Val Sattra to utter ruin.

The capture of Tel Kubra is a mighty boon for the Gudanna dominion, opening up a route into the Durani homeland for any future offensive that the Gudanna stage. However the Battle for the Line is far from over. The remaining seven Durani fortresses still stand tall, beckoning for the Gudanna to test their luck against them.

If anything was proven decisively with the fall of the Tel Kubra, it is that the War of Blood and Stone is far from over, and will not be easily won by the Empire or the Dominion.


First I want to take this a chance to thank everyone who played in Shadows of the Khan and helped forge the fate or Eretsu!

Now onto the data!

Gudanna won the battle, winning 53% of the games played over the five weeks that we collected data on Lords of the Line. However, the night before the event ended, both sides were in a statistical dead heat. It was only in a surge of games in the final day that the Gudanna were able to secure their victory, winning all but two of the games played in the final day.

The composition of the Gudanna force was far more loyal to Prince Rudatha then to Nandanna. Only 40% of players declared their loyalty to the Princess, however she was the overwhelming favorite during the decisive last day of play. Because of this, it seemed appropriate that she be credited with leading the Gudanna’s final charge to victory.

Surprisingly, or maybe not depending on how cynical you are, the majority of players attempted to help the civilian escort for both the Gudanna and Durani. The Gudanna in the end attempted to help more, but only by the actions of a single player.

While just over half of the Gudanna players who accepted the civilian escort mission went on to accept the smugglers offer to sneak their forces into the enemy castle, the Durani were not as keen to take up the offer. Only about 40% of Durani took the offer.

The Gudanna were also more successful in blasting the enemy gate. The Durani gate was blown open 63 times, while the Gudanna gate was only forced open 54 times.

As for Vanya’s traps, the poison trap was clearly more effective, activating over 30% more times than the snare. Over the course of the event 96 poison traps were tripped while only 60 snares were.

Discuss the outcome of Lords of the Line, and Shadow of the Khans on our forums here!