Lords of the Line Results

The Recorded History of the Battle of the Lords of the Line:

Taking the initiative after defeating the invading Imperial Durani army at Two Rock, the Lords of the Dominion mustered at Val Sattra for a counterattack on the Durani castle of Tel Kubra on the Line. Composed of 15 fortresses, seven Gudanna and eight Durani, the Castles of the Line comprises the most militarized section of the border between the Empire and Dominion.

Princess Nandanna led the assault on Tel Kubra, but the majority of the Lords taking the field were loyal to her brother, the Spider Prince.

Opposing the Gudanna horde was Raja Sudhamra along with the aid of Mercenary King Vanya and his band of warriors, the Untamed. While the Gudanna were mustering their forces and sending a vanguard to a small outpost in the free land between the two castles, Vanya’s Untamed planted traps for them across the battlefield. Placing both poisonous traps and snares proved to be incredibly effective, and 96 powerful Gudanna Knights were felled by poisonous spore traps alone.

The two armies were not the only ones in the area, with civilians who had settled the no man’s land during the years of peace between the Empire and Dominion finding themselves entrapped in the middle of the war. The civilians, protected by neither Gudanna or Durani lords, turned to beseech whomever they could for help and, in a true show of humanity, both sides did everything within their power to help bring the refugees to safety.

As well, both the Empire and Dominion were approached by smugglers who had been living nearby. Having smuggled goods into out of both nations for generations, the smugglers offered to show their potential clients a hidden route to get behind the enemy lines.

While both the Durani and Gudanna accepted the terms of using the smugglers’ route during the battle, the Gudanna truly made the most out of the opportunity, sending almost half of the assembled horde through the smugglers’ tunnels.

As supplies for both armies were running low Nandanna faced the reality of returning to Kutastha in failure. The thought made more bitter by her brothers recent victory at Two Rock. In the final hours of the battle Nandanna personally led a final assault on Tel Kubra. She attacked head on, choosing to assault the main gate of the castle. Within hours of her taking the field the magical wards on the gate were blasted apart, and they breached the walls of Tel Kubra. After a short but bloody skirmish, the castle flew the banners of the Crown of Uruk.

The battle was far from one sided however. The Durani warriors did more than merely beat back the Gudanna horde, launching several counter attacks against Val Sattra that nearly brought the Gudanna fortifications of Val Sattra to utter ruin.

The capture of Tel Kubra is a mighty boon for the Gudanna dominion, opening up a route into the Durani homeland for any future offensive that the Gudanna stage. However the Battle for the Line is far from over. The remaining seven Durani fortresses still stand tall, beckoning for the Gudanna to test their luck against them.

If anything was proven decisively with the fall of the Tel Kubra, it is that the War of Blood and Stone is far from over, and will not be easily won by the Empire or the Dominion.


First I want to take this a chance to thank everyone who played in Shadows of the Khan and helped forge the fate or Eretsu!

Now onto the data!

Gudanna won the battle, winning 53% of the games played over the five weeks that we collected data on Lords of the Line. However, the night before the event ended, both sides were in a statistical dead heat. It was only in a surge of games in the final day that the Gudanna were able to secure their victory, winning all but two of the games played in the final day.

The composition of the Gudanna force was far more loyal to Prince Rudatha then to Nandanna. Only 40% of players declared their loyalty to the Princess, however she was the overwhelming favorite during the decisive last day of play. Because of this, it seemed appropriate that she be credited with leading the Gudanna’s final charge to victory.

Surprisingly, or maybe not depending on how cynical you are, the majority of players attempted to help the civilian escort for both the Gudanna and Durani. The Gudanna in the end attempted to help more, but only by the actions of a single player.

While just over half of the Gudanna players who accepted the civilian escort mission went on to accept the smugglers offer to sneak their forces into the enemy castle, the Durani were not as keen to take up the offer. Only about 40% of Durani took the offer.

The Gudanna were also more successful in blasting the enemy gate. The Durani gate was blown open 63 times, while the Gudanna gate was only forced open 54 times.

As for Vanya’s traps, the poison trap was clearly more effective, activating over 30% more times than the snare. Over the course of the event 96 poison traps were tripped while only 60 snares were.

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