Valkali Colossus

Valkali: The Many Faced Gudanna Colossus

Valkali ColossusThe Gudanna Colossus Valkali is here to level the battlefield against the Durani. The Valkali is a uniquely flexible Golem, capable of completely changing its four attacks to fit perfectly into your army.

Having less health and armor than its Durani counterpart the Jagara, the Valkali makes up for it with greater Dodge and Speed.

The Valkali can be equipped  with any four out of a total of six masks, each of which allows the Colossus to use a different powerful attack.




The Mask of Burden grants the ability Vizier’s Favor. Vizier’s Favor can target an enemy or an ally, giving them a mighty boon but also causing a significant amount of damage. The targeted golem will gain 2 Movement, 10 Accuracy, and deal 10 extra Damage for 2 rounds. However the affected golem will also take 15 Damage each round.



Gudanna_r050 The Mask of Devouring gives the Valkali the ability Fiend’s Conflagration, an expensive attack that can completely destroy an enemy’s formation.

Fiend’s Conflagration is an area effect attack that will deal 20 Damage to each golem in the region it targets. In addition, each enemy golem that is hit by the attack will take 5 damage for the next 2 rounds, and that damage splashes onto any of their allies who are sharing a region with them.




The Mask of Tranquility allows the Valkali to use Meditator’s Stride. Meditator’s Stride is a close combat area of effect attack that also helps reduce the Valkali’s cooldown on its movement abilities.

Meditator’s Stride deals 30 damage to each golem hit, and reduces all of the Valkali’s movement ability cool downs by 1 for each Golem hit.




The Mask of Ferocity gives the Valkali Berserker’s Strike. Berserker’s Strike is the Valkali’s hail-mary. While it deals a devastating 55 Damage, the attack only has a 50% chance to hit. To make up for having such a low accuracy however, the attack ignores all cover bonuses that its target has.




Gudanna_r048The Mask of Desertion will allow the Valkali to unleash the Coward’s Punishment. The Mask of Desertion is perfect for chasing down fleeing enemies and ending them. When used, Cowards Punishment marks a target for death. After being marked the Golem will take an additional 10 damage every time it is hit for the next 2 rounds. In addition when the Valkali activates the ability all of its movement abilities gain 1 movement.




The Mask of Assault lets the Valkali unleash the Warrior’s Onslaught. Onslaught is the Valkali’s straight beatdown attack. Dishing out 30 Damage, the attack will also reduce its Cooldown by 1 every time it hits.
The Valkali also comes with two powerful Colossal relics.



Gudanna_r041The Riven Garnet, reduces the Armor of all Golems in a region by 15, although they regain 5 armor each round for three rounds afterwards. The Garnet is useful for punching through heavy armor, quickly bringing even a Durani Preserver to its knees.




Gudanna_r040The Sanguine Whip will allow you to push your Gudanna army to more than you thought possible. The Relic will grant you an additional 4 Action Points for the round, although it will also give an enemy 2 Action Points on their next turn. While it’s a risky move, the ability to almost double your AP for a turn may be all you need to secure victory.