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Durani Scions of Honor

The Durani march to war and Eretsu shakes.

The Scions of Honor now march with the Empire’s armies, bringing with them a host of new abilities to halt the Gudanna hordes. Including the Vigilant Sentinel, Blazing Dervish and Growling Phalanx, in addition to four new relics The Scions of Honor are here to turn the tide.


Sentinel_2 (JT)

Often working in conjunction with a battery of Fire Rams or other Durani ranged units, the Vigilant Sentinel is a deadly scout. Using Burning Beacon, the Sentinel marks its enemies by spitting a burning blue orb that attaches to them. While marked enemies will take 15 more damage from ranged attacks. The mark will last for two rounds.




Found on the front lines of Durani armies, the Blazing Dervish uses its dual swords to shred the armor of its enemies. The Dervish is a determined fighter, and missing only spurs it to attack again and again, as it gains 15 Accuracy to all of its attacks on the round after it misses. The Blazing Dervish can also launch its swords forward with its Flying Scimitars attack, which costs 1 AP – and the attack will set up Blade Dance even if it misses. Blade Dance will ignore 5 Armor as well as shred its targets armor by 5 for 2 rounds.


GrowlingPhalanx_1 - SR

Easily identified by its massive shield, the Growling Phalanx is the keystone to any Durani assault. The Phalanx’s shield does more than just protect itself, allies who are in its region will gain a cover bonus equal to the Phalanx’s current Armor.  The Titan however is not just a giant shield; strong enough to lift even Titan-class golems, the Phalanx can toss its foes to adjacent regions, dealing 15 Damage to all golems therein and 20 to the golem who was tossed. Using the giant jewels attached to its shield the Phalanx may also blind enemies, reducing their Accuracy by 15 for two rounds.


Scions of Honor also includes four new relics to outfit your army with.



Darya’s Leaden Helm will makes its wearer nigh invulnerable. When activated the Helm will grant its wearer 15 Armor- but its great weight will reduce that same golem’s movement to 0 for 3 rounds.





The Heart of Nadi is steeped in tragic mythos, but it may be your saving grace. When activated the Heart will pulse violently, pushing your target 3 regions away.





Durani_r025Bhakram’s Cauldron is filled with the elixir of eternal flame, mixed over 400 years ago and still burning. Used in battle, the Cauldron will cause the next attack used to deal 15 additional Damage to every other golem in the target’s region.





Durani_r024 The Stone of Parvata, the first stone set at the founding of the long destroyed city of ancients, still carries the legacy of the city’s greatness. When activated the stone will raise the city’s ruins, creating a hill at its location.





The Scions of Honor will be available January 21.