The Jade Guardians

Meet the Jade Guardians, a new Elite force set to release on the 4th of February! The Jade Guardians are an elite unit attached to the Western Wind of the Durani Empire, and they are a terrifying force to behold on the battlefield. Trained by the enigmatic Master Arahmsi, they are adept at using their environment against their enemies. Hailing from deep in the Emerald mountains of the Upper Hamazi Empire, the Jade Guardians are not to be underestimated.


Master Arahmsi, Abbot of the Great Monastery of the Emerald Mountains, is the enigmatic leader of the equally mysterious Jade Guardians, an elite unit attached to the Western Wind of the Durani Empire. Arahmsi is a blood knight, descended directly from the Ancient Ones. Like all blood knights, he has both a passive and an active ability.



Master Arahmsi’s passive ability, Ancients’ Blessing, will increase his Jade Dervish’s damage by the amount of mana left in a well in his region. The Dervish’s two close combat attacks make Master Arahmsi’s golem extraordinarily adept at capturing and holding mana wells. The Jade Dervish can capitalize on the extra damage granted by Ancients’ Blessing by using Blades of Pain. This attack will reduce its target’s armor by 10 for 1 round—but on a critical hit, the target’s armor will be reduced to 0 for the rest of the game


Harpy_JadeGuardian_2Abhra Roha pilots his Jade Harpy with the grace of the wind, easily dodging his enemies’ attacks. Abhra’s passive ability, Ascetic Vows, gives him additional dodge equal to the cover bonus of his region when he is targeted by a melee attack. His golem’s Jade Gust can secure Abhra’s safety by pushing its target 2 regions away (though the attack will not work against Colossi). In addition to its powerful Gust, the Jade Harpy can harass enemies at a distance with its painful Screech.




Thornbeast_JadeGuardians_2Suryaka is at his best when others would be hopelessly outnumbered. Using Austerity’s Flame combined with his golem’s Emboldened Punch, Suryaka turns the 1 AP attack into a devastating blow to every golem in the target’s region. Emboldened Punch deals 10 extra damage per enemy in the Jade Thornbeast’s region, meaning the attack can pack a potential 30 extra points of punch!




GrowlingPhalanx_JadeGuardians_2Dhau Tazila commands the mighty Jade Phalanx, a monster in melee with two close combat attacks. Scatter Bash, an area-of-effect attack, will push every enemy it hits 1 region away, potentially clearing a whole region in one sweep. Relentless Grasp, on the other hand, gains 25 accuracy for 2 rounds if it misses, ensuring the Phalanx will ultimately connect with the deadly attack.



Dhau Tazila’s knight ability makes him the perfect companion to Master Arahmsi. On activation, Primal Wellspring will create a small mana well worth 6 mana if he is in a region with medium cover. This allows Dhau Tazila to set the stage for Master Arahmsi to fight with the benefit of his passive ability, Ancients’ Blessing.


In addition to their own unique abilities, the Jade Guardians’ golems all share a common passive ability. Trained to turn their environment against their enemies, each Jade golem will deal damage to enemies in its region each round depending on the cover in the region: in ground cover, enemies will take 5 damage; in medium cover, 10 damage; and in heavy cover, a whopping 15 damage per round.

Think the Jade Guardians are going to change the tide in the war? Can’t wait to to crush Dhau Tazila under your Gudanna boot? Join the conversation about the Jade Guardians here!