FenLord_1 - SR

Zikia: Spirits of the Wildwood Coming Soon!

The roar of the Imperial war machine shakes the heart of the Wildwood, stirring ancient spirits and the wrath of the Zikia. The Spirits of the Wildwood expansion includes three new Zikia Golems, and four new relics that can be used in any of your Golem Arcana armies.


The Creeper

Creeper_1(EW)Blasting its foes with noxious spores, the Creeper forces enemies out of cover. Poison Spore will deal damage equal to its target’s current cover for the next two rounds in addition to its 18 base damage. If this attack isn’t enough to convince your foe to fall back, a good Thumping will press the point home. Thump, the Creeper’s second attack, deals 30 damage with high accuracy.



The Thornbeast

Thornbeast_1Wherever the Thornbeast lands, a cloud of thorns explodes from its back to impale nearby enemies. When ending its movement, enemy Golems in the Thornbeast’s region will take 10 damage. To make its escape, the Thornbeast uses Barbed Thorns, which will reduce its own movement cooldown by 1 if it hits. Once at a safe distance, the Golem can continue to harass enemies with its ranged attack, Great-Thorn.



The Fen Lord

FenLord_1 - SRCrafted within the most dangerous marshes in the Wildwood, the Fen Lord brings its homeland to the battlefield. The bog surrounding the Fen Lord will reduce the movement of all enemy Golems in its region by 1. The Fen Lord also uses its bog to do more than just slow its prey. With Swamp Trap, the Fen Lord uses the toxic marsh to ensnare enemy Golems, causing them to take 5 damage for the next 3 rounds and an additional 15 damage if they leave the region before their time is up. The Fen Lord doesn’t just wait for the enemies of the Weald to come to it. Vine Projection can pull enemy Golems up to two regions toward itself and its deadly bog.




Jaya’s Gift

Jaya’s Gift breathes life into a losing situation. When activated, Jaya’s Gift will increase its target’s dodge by 20 for 2 rounds. However, this boon does not come without a cost: the golem that uses the Gift will lose all dodge for the next 3 rounds.







The Shoot of Zardt

With the Shoot of Zardt, Golem knights can summon the Vine-Fortress of Zardt to help defend a valuable region. The Fortress has the ability Green Rebuttal, which will push enemies from its region into an random adjacent region once per turn.






The Tears of Dyati

Carrying the tears of the mad Ancient One, Sudha-Dyati the Water Bearer, this glittering emerald vial will flood a region if opened. When this relic is activated, it will turn the Golem’s current region into a shallows region.





Kajit-Ura’s Horn

This blessed Horn promises swift extrication to safety for its owner. Kajit-Ura’s Horn, when activated, allows you to teleport an allied Golem to a medium-cover region once per game. It’s perfect for rescuing a Golem from a tight position, or to set up an ambush.




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