Army Design Challenge: Durani – The Khan’s Pyre

Greetings Knights,

We have a challenge to set before you!

While talking with Golem Arcana players, we’ve found many new players would like an easier starting point in the army creation process. Staring at an empty list of armies can be a bit daunting at first, with so many Golems and Relics and Knights and Ancient Ones to choose from.

So our plan is to create some pre-built armies for the app. These will be organized by what expansion boxes are available at retail so as to more easily allow new players to match armies with the Golems they own.

In a recent blog post, Emissary Glasswalker shared his favorite Durani army design, and there are more such blog posts on the way. We love seeing how you, the Knights of Eretsu, create endless strategies and combos for every situation and need, and we’d like to reward such creativity in ways that benefit everyone.

Our challenge for you then is this:
for the next couple months, we’re going to have a series of Army Design Contests. We’ll create a discussion thread on our forum where you can post your proposed army lists and discuss them with each other. When we’ve reached a critical mass of options, we’ll create a VOTE post in the forum for you to choose your favorite.

We’ll kick all this off with a call for 500-point armies using the Golems and Relics of the Durani: The Khan’s Pyre expansion (available from the online store).

Go to this forum thread and post your army design today!