Automata Scene 2 Final

Golem Arcana App Update – March 4, 2015

Below is a list of changes and updates coming out in tonight’s update. In order to get the update, you will need a WiFi connection to download the new files. You do not have to update from your App store.


Please wait until the update finishes in order to see any changes.

Feature Improvements

  • [Banner Creator] Banner patterns extended to reach down the whole banner instead of cutting off early (specifically, checkers and squares).
  • [Banner Creator]  Some recentering of Banner patterns for the print banner images.

New Items

  • [Tournament Reward] Introducing the Block 2 Tournament Prize: Ancient One Davati-Loka The Solitary.
  • [Scenarios] The Challenge of Valor: Tournament Block 2 Scenarios.

Non Game Play Text Cleanup

Any text change, no matter how insignificant, also triggers the “!” icon making it look like your armies have changed. You will be prompted to update most or all of your armies once you view them.

  • [Knights] All Knights have had a text cleanup.
  • [Golems] The following Golems have had text cleaned up: Fen Lord, Bone Fiend, Blazing Dervish, Valkali, Jade Dervish, Jade Harpy, Jade Phalanx, Jade Thornbeast, Gilded Blight, and the Gilded Preserver.
  • [Ancient Ones] The following Ancient Ones have had text cleaned up: Er-Haka the Storm, Hala-Nam the Nectar, Zikia Kajit-Ura the Deceiver, and Sudha-Dyati the Water-Bringer.

Bug Fixes

  • [Ancient One] Sudura-Valli the Trapper: Entrap (Curse)
    • The ability now works as intended to affect Movement costs of enemy Golems leaving the Region. It now correctly affects all Movement types. The description of the Curse has been updated.

Known Issues

  • [Banner Creator] Banner printing is a known issue that we are working on fixing. In the mean time you can email the banner file to yourself and print the banners from the email on a computer. That will help to create correctly sized banners. Printing straight from a cell phone or tablet at the current time is not recommended.

May you walk with the Ancient Ones!