Week 2 Challenge of Valor Champions!

The second week of  the Challenge of Valor is over, and that means there are new champions to announce and prizes to be awarded. Each of the following players won a League event and will be rewarded with Davati-Loka The Solitary, a powerful new Ancient One. Congratulations to all of this week’s winners!

  • amarus
  • anton12358
  • azrael
  • daskindt
  • glasswalker
  • godislove123418
  • howlin’ mad murphy
  • hutweque
  • mardin
  • n33dl3s
  • nick wilfong
  • roryoconnor
  • vareth the clown
  • warbringer25

Didn’t get a chance to play last week but still want to get into the action? Competitive League Play continues through April 28th.

Check here to find Events happening in your area!

Competitive League Events are hosted by Emissaries, who will be on hand to answer questions and help show players the ropes. Players earn prizes for participation as well as victory.

No events in your area? Passionate about Golem Arcana? Apply to become an Emissary today!

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