What’s Next for Golem Arcana?

Knights of Eretsu!

As we launch upon our third and final chapter of Local League Play for this year, we have heard many of you champing at the bit to know what our future plans are. There have been some rumors of a Colossus, but we think it’s something even better than that, and we’re very excited to give you a sneak peek of what we’ve been working on.Pony

Since the destruction of a Jagara Colossus fifteen years ago at the Battle of Rue, the scholars, stonewrights, and mages of the Durani Empire have been researching tirelessly to find some way to stem the ever burgeoning tide that is the Gudanna Dominion. Against what is currently codenamed the Illion Asvah, they fully expect a thousand waves of Gudanna Titans to crash against its knees, breaking the tsunami of the Dominion once and for all.

The Illion Asvah, or F@P0N7 as we’ve been calling it internally, will take up four Regions on a map tile, and can rest on even mountains, not to mention hills. This Golem will have 5 Knights, 2 unique Ancient Ones built in to its APV cost, utilize brand-new features such as Awesome Tokens, and will be the fastest Golem we have ever made. We have been working hard on this new class of Golem, making sure it’s balanced for fun play for both Gudanna, Durani, and Mercenary Kings players. Here’s an early sample of the sorts of abilities we’re looking into.


We are looking at a release date of April 1st 2054, so please stay tuned with us until then for more updates on our newest venture!

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