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Zikia: Heralds of the Great Weald Coming Soon!

War has come to the Wildwood and the Zikia must adapt to survive. The tribes must forge a new future for themselves—a future the Heralds of the Great Weald will pay for with their lives if they must. The Heralds of the Great Weald expansion includes three new Zikia Golems, and four new relics that can be used in any of your Golem Arcana armies. They’re available now in our online store!


The Nightshade

Ambushing its foes deep in the Wildwood, the Nightshade is a deadly Zikia assassin. This unusual Warsprite doesn’t move like other Golems. Instead of walking, the Nightshade closes the distance to its victims from up to four Regions away with Shifting Backstab. This ranged attack moves the Nightshade into the Target’s Region, and will also boost the Golem’s Damage by 5 for the rest of the round. The Nightshade can follow up with its two other Melee attacks to make the most of this bonus.



The Prowler

The Prowler stalks the battlefield like the monsters that make their homes in the shadows of the deep woods. Oozing with the forest’s deadliest toxins, the Prowler adds venom to its next attack whenever it moves, inflicting 5 additional Damage each Round for three Rounds. When facing multiple foes, the Prowler’s devastating Caustic Spray not only attacks every Golem in the Target Region, but each Golem successfully hit by the attack splashes 10 Damage to all other Golems in the Region.



The Earthfall

The Earthfall thunders across Eretsu, a walking combination of wrecking boulders and Zikia ingenuity. The Earthfall compensates for its ponderous Titan speed with its passive ability, which allows the Golem to ignore movement penalties for all Terrain types. This allows the Earthfall to march unfettered into close combat and unleash its brutal attacks on its enemies. Rolling Pummel in particular helps the Earthfall punch through the enemy lines. When the attack hits, the Target Golem is pushed one Region away, and the Earthfall’s Walk Cooldown is reduced by 1.



Ghora’s Mask

Ghora’s Mask is the perfect tool for clearing enemies out of an important Region. When used, the Mask will push all enemy Golems two random Regions away, allowing you to claim a contested control zone or Mana Well.






Nihata Laurel

The Laurel will summon a Sacred Grove Construct that ensnares and cripples your enemies. Once summoned, the Sacred Grove can attack up to three times per Turn to pull enemies into its Region and reduce their movement by 2 for one Round.





Zephyr of Er-Haka

The Zephyr of Er-Haka is the solution to pesky ongoing effects that could lead to devastating defeat. Using the Zephyr will cleanse a Golem of all status effects on it, allowing it to continue its rampage undeterred.




Chalice of Mists

The Chalice of Mists is sure to throw even the best planned assault off balance. The Chalice causes its Target to move an additional random Region after every time it moves for three Rounds.





If these new Zikia Golems and their relics pique your interest, be sure to check them out in our online store!

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