The first two League Play Ancient Ones are now available!

The first two League Play Ancient Ones have been released for purchase! Er-Haka the Storm and Davati-Loka the Solitary were prizes from the first two blocks of League Play and are now available to everyone.

Ancient One Er-Haka the Stormrider

Er-Haka is an Ancient One who controls the very skies, bringing sweet breezes or crackling thunder to those who give him succour. The Storm is all about board control. His miracle, Wings of the Storm, lets all of your golems fly, so that you might move across the board easily to reach control points or to cluster on hill tops. Er-Haka’s blessing in the meantime adds 2 Range to ranged attacks, so you can snipe from what might be an otherwise unstrategic hill. Using his Rolling Thunder curse can knock all Golems out of regions, like control points or mana wells, and make enemy Golems take damage when they try to retake it!


Davati-LokaDavati-Loka the Solitary stood alone against waves of enemies, and even as sickness took him he stood strong. He favours the bravest warriors, those who race ahead to stem the oncoming tide of the enemy. His (rather cheap!) miracle, Lone Advance, gives your golems an additional movement point if they are in a region by themselves, allowing them to race ever on. Titan-class golems used to have it hard if two enemy Ogres shared their region, but the Solitary’s Fighting Chance blessing turns your strong melee attacks into attacks with an area of effect, making it that much easier for a Titan to survive! Then, to prevent weaker enemies from fleeing, those who offer mana to the Solitary can curse the region making their move zero as long as you have golem in the region with them!



We hope you guys have a lot of fun with these, but don’t forget that you can still win Eresh-Nak the Swarm in League Play until April 28th; read more about Competitive League Play here. May the Ancient Ones go with you!