Golem Arcana Update 4/23/2015

The following changes are available to download as a data-update. These do not require updating the App itself from Apple or Google.
IMPORTANT! Today’s update will take longer than usual to download.



  • Zikia: Heralds of the Great Weald is for sale.
    Nightshade (Warsprite)
    Prowler (Ogre)
    Earthfall (Titan)



As always, any text change, no matter how insignificant, also triggers the “!” icon in the Army Builder, making it look like your armies have changed. You will be prompted to update most or all of your armies when you view them.

[Ancient Ones]

  • Eresh-Nak — The Swarm (Curse/Heart of the Hive)
    The description of this Curse has been updated for clarity.


  • Nightshade, Prowler, Earthfall
    Added fictional descriptions for release



  • Growling Phalanx’s Golem Toss now does damage as per description.
  • Sworn Collector’s Swooping Frenzy now does damage as per description.
  • Horned Blight’s Relentless passive ability now works as per description.
  • The following Golems now have their abilities moving with them when they are pushed or displaced.
    Jade Dervish, Jade Harpy, Jade Phalanx, Jade Thornbeast, and Plague Bringer
  • The APV for the Nightshade has been reduced to 65 for release.


  • The following Knights now have their abilities moving with them when they are pushed or displaced.
    Anshargal, Ekimmu the Merciless, Ezeru, Lady Tarsa, Zakala


  • The Tree of Life now works once per turn as per description.
  • The Shoot of Zardt now works as per description.


  • Valkali’s “Mask of Desertion”: This attack does increase Damage taken as intended. The number of Rounds it is is active is correct. It will apply the damage bonus on the Target immediately on hit and the damage taken will include the bonus.


[Banner Creator]

  • Banner printing is a known issue that we are working on fixing. In the meantime you can e-mail the banner file to yourself and print the banners from a computer. That will help to create correctly sized banners. Printing straight from a cell phone or tablet at the current time is not recommended.

[Golems / UI]

  • The Carapace Brute’s “Retaliation” attack and Charred Fencer’s “Vengeant Riposte” attack:
    When looking at the “More Info” screen of these Golems, the special bonuses from these two attack are NOT attributed correctly as “Retaliation”or “Vengeant Riposte”.  Instead, the name of these Golem’s “Passive” ability is given credit (“Shatterheart” and “Raider”). This is a known issue, but not likely to change, because in order for the bonus to be displayed correctly, it’s effects were ‘attached’ to the passive ability.


  • Valkali’s “Mask of Tranquility” – While this attack does reduce the Cooldown as intended when the Valkali is able to displace into the target’s region, if the Valkali is unable to move after the attack (because she did not hit all the targets in the region, or the target(s) were unable to be displaced, then she will receive 1 additional point of cooldown on her primary Move ability that does not cooldown.