Kekai Kotaki at base camp

Golem Arcana Update 4/29/2015

The following changes are available to download as a data-update. These do not require updating the App itself from Apple or Google.


[League Play]

  • The Challenge of Honor: Tournament Block 3 — has now ended.


As always, any text change, no matter how insignificant, also triggers the “!” icon in the Army Builder, making it look like your armies have changed. You will be prompted to update most or all of your armies when you view them.

[Ancient Ones]

  • Eresh-Nak — The Swarm (Curse/Heart of the Hive)
    The description of this Curse has been updated (again) for clarity.


  • Vareth the Clown (Taunting Dance)
    The description of this Passive Ability has been updated for clarity.



  • Earthfall’s “Rolling Pummel” now affects Colossi and description has been clarified to include Random displacement.
  • Jagara’s “Heel Stomp” now only works against enemy Golems and doesn’t affect allies or the Jagara itself.

[Ancient Ones]

  • Sudha-Dyati – The Water-Bringer’s Curse: The Cost of Sin
    The effect of this Curse no longer “travels” with an affected Golem. It stays within the Region of the Curse.


  • Khamsin of Asvara correctly causes damage to the Region it leaves, as per description.


All of the following are being actively investigated and worked on, and a future code-update will address them.


  • Some Relic Construct abilities that are supposed to work a limited number of times per turn are not being limited properly.


  • Some Knight abilities that are supposed to work a limited number of times per turn are not being limited properly.
  • Kahga the Loon has some unexpected behaviors when combined with attacks on enemy Golems whose Knights cause damage when being attacked (resulting in displacing Kahga’s own Golem).
  • Ma’Tao Murderheart’s “Curse Eater” ability can be used multiple times in a round and is not subject to cooldown.


  • Some Golem passive abilities that are supposed to “travel” with the Golem sometimes do not do so when being displaced.
  • Golems charging from more than 1 Region away from their target, where they are unable to enter the Target’s region, do not always displace correctly into an adjacent region.
  • Iron Earthfall’s “Boulder Swing” attack has a max bonus damage of 30 instead of 40.
  • Nightshade’s “Shifting Backstab” attack does not always displace into the target’s Region, depending on the angle and distance of the attack.