Kekai Kotaki at base camp

Golem Arcana Update 5/6/2015

The following changes are available to download as a data-update. These do not require updating the App itself from Apple or Google.


The Realm of Cinders Begins Storyline Begins NOW!

New Items

  • [SCENARIOS] Chapter 1 of the Realm of Cinders Storyline Scenarios available.
    NOTE: There are two scenarios: a 3 player version and a 2 player version. They both take place in “Chapter 1″ of the story campaign, but the 3-player version has many more opportunities for story-telling and more player decisions that we are tracking for future fiction implications.
    NOTE: The three player scenario features one army that does not have the same APV as the others, please fully read the scenario description before starting.

Non-Gameplay Text Cleanup

Any text change, no matter how insignificant, also triggers the “!” icon in the Army Builder, making it look like your armies have changed. You will be prompted to update most or all of your armies when you view them.


  • Eresh-Nak — Fiction clean-up

The following Ancient Ones have had their ability description(s) clarified to better indicate the application of the ability.

  • Hala Nam the Nectar — (Blessing/Exhilarating Elixir)
  • Ropan-Dyati the Healer — (Blessing/Sacred Grounds)
  • Sudha-Dyati the Water Bringer — (Blessing/Revitalized)

The following Knights have had their ability description(s) clarified to better indicate the application of the ability.

  • Vasayasti
  • Razmi Matri
  • Garo Bataar
  • Karva
  • Drengi ni Versas
  • Zusmin Dhanagiri
  • Nari Scargiver Azva
  • Matum Kish
  • Nisagg Resi
  • Suraj
  • Kaumara Varsni
  • Vastuta
  • Saimha of the Nightwood
  • Vareth the Clown


  • Rod of Kaza – Text description updated



  • Charred Fencer – Vengeant Riposte
    Ability now works as described and works with the Knight Power Cauterizing Wound.

Rule Clarification / FAQ

  • Valkali’s Mask of Burden (Mask #6)
    An ally and an enemy both receive the same length of benefit and same total damage.
    This effect acts a bit differently when cast on an ally. Since the ally can use the bonus immediately, the bonus effects will last the “casting” Round and the next Round (total of 2 rounds). However, since the Damage Over Time effect only triggers at the start of the player’s turn, it’s clock doesn’t start until the next Round, thus it will continue one Round after the the benefit effects have ended (still only 2 Rounds).