Limited Edition Relic Cards for Sale!

Promotional_RelicCardsBrand new on the Golem Arcana web store, we are now offering a pack of seven Promotional Relic cards that previously were only available as giveaways at Organized Play events and game conferences! The relics included are:

  • The Rod of Kaza calls forth the Kraken of the Sands construct which, once per turn, can pull an enemy Golem into its Region and may also attack a Golem in its Region.
  • The Lesser Sigil of Suffering explodes when it is used, harming every Golem in its Region, including the Golem that activated the Sigil. The Lesser Sigil attacks each Golem for 30 damage, then is discarded.
  • The Gauntlet of Jitakazi unleashes a ranged Area of Effect attack that will displace every Golem in the Region, regardless if they are hit by the attack or not. After this point it is discarded.
  • The Idol of Pravega gives a Golem 4 Movement points at the cost of 15 Health.
  • The Great Sigil of Suffering explodes to deal damage to every Golem in its Region, including the carrier of the relic. The Great Sigil attacks each Golem for 50 damage, then is discarded.
  • Sarithorn’s Mine places a construct that can be activated later on command to attack all Golems in the Mine’s Region, though it can be attacked and destroyed by the enemy. The Mine attacks each Golem for 50 damage, destroying itself in the process.
  • Durjaya’s Shade summons the Ghost of Durjaya construct, which will stop enemy Golems from shooting out of its Region and increase the damage taken from Ranged attacks by 10 for enemy Golems in the Region.

Visit our Web store today and pick up these powerful weapons of war!