Realm of Cinders — Mercenary Kings Strategy

RoC_MK-MDIn last fall’s Story Scenarios, the Mercenary Kings were limited to choosing which of the other two factions to fight for in the initial outbreak of the new war. In the Realm of Cinders, the Mercenary Kings are finally fighting for themselves and for the Zikia of the Wildwood!

Kahga, the Loon, General of the Mercenary Band “The Unbent”, has taken time away from the front lines to share his insights on the Mercenary Kings strategy.

After reading his missive, you’ll understand how the Mercenary Kings have continued to maintain their lead, winning 48% of the 3 player, 1000 pt scenario games.

Have some observations of your own from the Wildwood that you’d like to share with your fellow commanders? Discuss them on the forums!

Only one week remains in Chapter 1 — make sure that your enemies do not have a chance to claw their way back into contention!