Living World Campaign “Realm of Cinders – Chapter 2” – June 10th


The Wildwood Zikia do keep a written record of sorts, found in the Mahatavi, an ancient tree that dwarfs all others.
The knots 
in the bark, branches, and roots form magical runes that allegedly translate into the Arcanum’s secrets.
non-Zikia has been allowed to set eyes upon it and be left alive afterward.” — Neraada Bahar, Imperial Scribe

“It’s not enough to maim and enrage your enemy. You must rip out her heart.”
“Fire only dies if there’s nothing left to burn.”
 — Amba and Mahik, Marshals of the Empire

The next chapter of Golem Arcana’s Living World campaign, “Realm of Cinders,” is an exciting way for players to make a difference in the world of Eretsu. Every game contributes to the success or failure of the player’s chosen faction, and immersive roleplaying opportunities mid-game can make a long-lasting impact on the future lore of the world!

Read on for details on how you can participate in the Realm of Cinders, and for information on earning rewards for playing!


Plan ahead for your army building with this Overview of Chapter 2 — including: map objectives, victory conditions, unique game mechanics, and a preview the map.


For this second campaign, we are offering three scenario chapters. Each chapter runs for three to four weeks, working around U.S. holidays, with a week off in between to analyze data collected from the previous chapter.

Chapter 1: ran from May 6th through June 3rd
This chapter will be re-released for open-play after the whole campaign is done.

Chapter 2: June 10th through June 30th

Chapter 3: July 8th through July 28th


Each scenario introduces a new map layout, victory conditions, and storytelling opportunities—and future short stories in the Fiction section of this website will be affected by what you accomplish here!

Read our latest short story here: Visions of Fire, inspired by YOUR games and decisions in Realm of Cinders Chapter 1, and continuing the Zikia Matriarch’s story from Web of Thorns.


While you can play Living World scenarios at home, our army of Emissaries will also be hosting events at friendly local game stores around the country (and the world). Each week you participate in an Emissary-hosted event, your Golem Arcana account will be awarded 75 Talons that can be used for the purchase of Ancient Ones and Knights in the app’s Army Builder.

Unlike the League Play events, there’s no tournament structure of multiple games. Instead, you’ll be playing to ensure your faction comes out on top of the final results of each chapter. So if you want to influence how the Realm of Cinders affects your faction and the history of Eretsu, keep fighting to turn the tide of battle in your favor!

The Golem Arcana quartermasters have also supplied Emissaries with a stockpile of new promotional Relic cards, so if it’s one of your first times playing Golem, your local Emissary will be happy to entrust you with one of these powerful weapons of war!


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