Realm of Cinders – Chapter 2 – Overview


The Wildwood Zikia do keep a written record of sorts, found in the Mahatavi, an ancient tree that dwarfs all others.
The knots 
in the bark, branches, and roots form magical runes that allegedly translate into the Arcanum’s secrets.
non-Zikia has been allowed to set eyes upon it and be left alive afterward.” — Neraada Bahar, Imperial Scribe

“It’s not enough to maim and enrage your enemy. You must rip out her heart.”
“Fire only dies if there’s nothing left to burn.”
 — Amba and Mahik, Marshals of the Empire

The next chapter of Golem Arcana’s Living World campaign, “Realm of Cinders,” has begun and it introduces new challenges for army building as well as tough decisions to make every turn on your way to glorious victory — or crispy-charred defeat.

Unlike during Chapter 1 with its 3-player and 2-player maps, Chapter 2 is a single 2-player map with 500 point armies, with unique fiction encounters for each of the three factions, as well as faction-specific opportunities to manipulate the map’s special mechanics in your favor.



Here are the scouting reports each army receives at the beginning of the game…


While rooting out Dominion spies in the Wildwood, your armies meted out punishment to collaborating Zikia villages. Now the Wildwood burns out of control. Your scouts deliver their reports…

‘With help from the Mercenary Kings, the Zikia tribes have blunted our advances in the Wildwood and the fractured tribes stand on the brink of uniting against the Empire. Our commander, Kopa Vahni, has instructed us to make haste to the sacred grove called the Mahatavi, and cut the heart out of it. Without their world tree, they will have no stomach for war, and this Great Weald they seek to build will crumble.’

‘Interrogations have revealed a magical labyrinth protects the Mahatavi, and only Zikia Elders know the way. The woods are filled with natives fleeing the fires. We must seek out Elders among them, and acquire the secrets of this labyrinth.’


While rooting out your spies in the Wildwood, the Durani Empire punished the Zikia villages collaborating with you, and now the Wildwood burns out of control. Your scouts deliver their reports…

’With help from the Mercenary Kings, the Zikia tribes have blunted Empire advances in the Wildwood yet the remaining Empire armies have not returned to their lands, but instead forge deeper into the Wildwood — directly toward the Zikia’s most sacred groves. A protective labyrinth leads enemies astray, but Durani forces have been claiming magical charms from captured Elders. The Empire seeks the Mahatavi itself!’

‘The destruction of their world tree would take the heart out of the tribes. Though our alliance with the Zikia is on shaky ground, surely the Zikia can be persuaded to allow us passage to help defend the Mahatavi — which will also afford us an opportunity to discover secrets of Zikia magic for ourselves.’


While rooting out Dominion spies in the Wildwood, the Durani Empire punished Zikia villages believed to be collaborating with their enemies, and now the Wildwood burns out of control. Your scouts deliver their reports…

‘With our help, the Zikia tribes stood fast against the Empire’s tide. Not satisfied with destroying villages near their borders, the remaining Empire armies burn their way deeper into the Wildwood, directly toward the sacred groves of the Mahatavi. While a magical labyrinth protects it, Durani forces seek the sacred charms of captured Zikia Elders, who might guide them through the maze.’

‘If we are to help the Zikia here, we must also reach the Mahatavi. Invited or not, our presence will surely be welcome. We must find as many charms as possible, and prevent our enemies from doing the same.’





All armies have the same overall Victory Conditions:

TO WIN: achieve 10 VP

- Find the first Zikia Elder in one of the three locations marked with your banner color.

- Return an Elder’s charm to your Deployment Zone for VP. The first charm is worth 2 VP, the second, 4 VP, and the third, 6 VP.

- Kill enemy Golems carrying charms for 2 VP.

- The third charm will be available to ALL armies when EITHER army discovers its second charm.





At the beginning of the game, deployment zones put your enemy far out of reach — but each army’s objective markers will inexorably draw you together. These objective flags mark the possible location of a Zikia Elder. Once your army has found the first Zikia Elder, a new set of 3 objective markers will be revealed leading your army to the location of a second Zikia Elder.

As soon as one army has discovered their second Zikia Elder, the location of the third Zikia Elder will be revealed to both players. At that point, EITHER army may attempt to claim that Elder’s charm for their army.

For the first and second charm, if the Golem carrying that charm is destroyed, the charm is destroyed as well, and the killing blow grants that army 2 VP, while also denying the dead Golem’s army the opportunity to deliver that charm for victory points.

But the third charm is made from much more durable stuff — if the Golem carrying it is destroyed, the charm falls to the ground in that Region and any army may send in a new Golem to claim it. The game ends at either 10 VP or when the third charm has been brought back to an army’s Deployment Zone, at which point the highest VP total wins.


THE CINDERBORN — The out of control fires in the Wildwood have driven the spirits of the forest mad with rage. These Cinderborn cause 5 damage to any Golem that ends its movement in a region with Medium Cover or Heavy cover, except water regions. As the game progresses, the damage from fire will spread to Ground Cover regions as well and also increase in damage.

THE VINEWOOD — The trees of the Vinewood Weald are particularly treacherous to flying Golems. After entering a non-water Region with any amount of Cover, a Golem’s Flying Movement Points are set to 0. So a Flying Golem can move only once per turn, if its first move ends in Cover.

UNSTABLE MANA — The flow of mana has been greatly destabilized by the Cinderborn. Mana Wells grant 10 mana per turn, and do NOT deplete. In addition, the Wells hungrily absorb all mana in the area. Any mana released by the death of a Golem does NOT go to your army.



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