Marrow Witch

Urugal: Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs – June 24

Our friends in Germany have been enjoying the newest Urugal: Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs, localized to their language, for a few weeks. Next Wednesday, June 24th, these Golems and Relics will officially hit store shelves elsewhere in the world.

If you haven’t already, be sure to let your friendly local game store know that you’d like to pick up a copy, so that they can order from their distributors ahead of time.

While you wait, your App already has these Golems and Relics in the Army design tool — so you can start plotting and scheming even before you get your hands on the box itself! Need a quick review of what you’ll find and some thoughts on how to use them? Read on, fearless commander!


The Crypt Tick

The Crypt Tick is a surprisingly difficult adversary to kill, flying forward to hold key positions on the battlefield. Using Leeching Stab, the Tick sinks its razor-sharp ventral fangs into its prey and restores itself to full health! If the Crypt Tick has no need to heal itself, it can Puncture the enemy with its second attack.


The Marrow Witchbg-backdrop-g31_web

The Marrow Witch haunts the battlefields of Eretsu, portending the doom of its foes through foul magics. The Witch’s Surging Hex will do no Damage on the initial hit, but the Target takes 5 Damage the next Round, 10 Damage the Round after that, and finally 15 damage on the third Round. In addition, the Hex’s effect can stack with itself. To maintain a safe distance from its foes, the Witch uses Grim Harvest to push an enemy Golem in Melee into an adjacent Region.



The Relentless Brutebg-backdrop-g32_web

Known for its untamable brutality, the Relentless Brute is a melee bruiser without peer. The Relentless Brute’s passive ability allows it to keep up a near unstoppable assault, as each hit the Golem lands reduces the Cooldown of all of its attack abilities by 1. With three Melee attacks, two of which are area-of-effect, the Brute will likely run out of AP on its turn before it runs out of attacks still at their base AP costs!



Onyx of Jhosa-Lata

The Onyx of Jhosa-Lata turns any Mana Well into powerful bomb. When activated, the Onyx will empty a Mana Well, granting the Relic owner the Mana, and deal damage to every Golem in the Region equal to the amount of Mana left in the Well.




Noose of Akhir

The Noose of Akhir summons the Black Gallows, a Construct which restrains enemies in its Region. The Black Gallows has one attack it can use each turn against an enemy in the Region, and Golems attempting to flee the Region must add 2 to their Breakaway cost.




The Ossetic Parasite

The Ossetic Parasite punishes an enemy Golem for attacking, slowing down its advance or making it pay a significant cost. The target of the Ossetic Parasite takes 15 Damage each time it successfully attacks for the next 2 Rounds




Dusaka-lul’s Blade

This Blade is an excellent tool for gaining Mana while also denying your enemies this precious resource! For the price of 10 Health, for the next 2 Rounds the Golem wielding the Blade will STEAL 5 Mana from the Target Golem’s army each time it lands an attack..