Code Update: August

A brand new update to Golem Arcana has hit the Apple and Google servers today. (It can sometimes take 24 hours to propagate through all the various Servers around the world, so you should see it soon if you haven’t already.)


The game will now auto-save every turn. If your game is interrupted before completion, you’ll be able to Load it from the main menu: Battle > Start Game. The current list of saved games are displayed below the >New Game> button (if there are any games saved). There is only ever one auto-save at a time — so once you complete a game, the auto-save will be cleared out. If you start a New Game, the auto-save file will be for that game.

iOS Performance — depending on your device, you may find an extra delay at the beginning of each turn when playing large games or more complex scenarios. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we’ve already submitted a hot-fix to Apple for review. A patch for this problem should make its way through their system in about a week.

In the current Android version (and future iOS version), you can also turn off Auto-Save in the Settings (off the Main Menu).



We’ve changed how Charge costs are paid for: if a Golem does not leave its current Region during a Charge, the Movement ability does not gain any Cooldown, which means its Movement Cost does not increase. You still pay the AP cost for the Movement + Attack Ability.

Some practical implications and examples:

  • if the Charging Golem is starting from further away than the adjacent Region, the Movement will still gain Cooldown, because even if it misses or is not able to dislodge its target, it will still leave its current Region
  • if the attacking Golem is in an adjacent Region and misses its target, its Movement ability will not increase in cost
  • if the attacking Golem is in an adjacent Region and cannot displace its target (because it is smaller Class than the Target), its Movement ability will not increase in cost  – this means that attacking an enemy Colossus just got a lot easier for Golems with multiple cheap Melee attacks and a cheap Movement



With the arrival of the Ashmogh on the scene, we needed to clean up how the Colossus Breakdown system works. As you know, as a Colossus loses health, it also loses access to some of its Attacks and Knights. At 60% health, it loses one Attack. At 40% health, it loses on Knight. At 20% health it loses both an Attack and a Knight.

Here are the changes we’ve made for what happens at these Colossus Breakdown points:

  • when a Colossus loses enough health to go past a Breakdown point, it’s Army will gain 25% of the Death Mana — so no longer do you get a TON of Mana when the Colossus dies, but instead you’ll get some of that Mana along the way
  • if a Colossus gains enough health to go back above its Breakdown point, it will regain a lost Knight or Attack — BUT, when it loses enough Health to breakdown again, it will not gain another portion of Death Mana.



We have manufactured a special accessory for Golem Arcana to make it easier to play with multiples of the same Golem in the same Army as well as when facing an enemy Army that has some of the same Golems as you. This product is made up of a new design of Banner Stands and small Clips that attach to the top of them — and a series of OID-code stickers that go on the top of the Clips.

In addition to helping manage multiple Golems on the table, the Clips are designed to perfectly hold in place your custom banners, created in the App and printed out on regular printer paper. Show off your Faction loyalty with pride!


NEXT WEEK, on our Web Store , you may purchase two different products:

  • Multi-Player Banner Clips — includes 10 clips each of 6 different designs: 60 banner stands, clips and stickers: $24.99
    This is ideal for up to 1000 point armies, and six player games.
  • Epic-Game Banner Clips — includes 25 clips each of 2 different designs: 50 banner stands, clips and stickers: $19.99
    This is ideal for larger two player games, all the way up to 3000 points.

So if you were to buy both, you’ll have easy support for 8 player 1000 point games. BUT since each sticker has a unique OID code on it, it doesn’t help to own two of the same set.

These products are EXCLUSIVE to the Golem Arcana web store and will not be available at retail.


Assigning Banner Clips

After you’ve started a new game (Main Menu > Battle > Start Game), you’ll see a new box in the upper right corner: “Banner Clip”. Tap this and you’ll be able to pick which overall design of Banner Clips you’re going to be using for that Army.


The app will automatically assign a number to each Golem in your Army, in numerical order. If you happen to misplace one of your Clips, you can manually change an individual Golem’s number by tapping the Banner next to that Golem’s knight portrait — a pop-up will let you pick a new unassigned number to that Golem.


Using Banner Clips in the Game

During play, any time you want to activate or target a Golem you can just tap the Banner Clip instead. The top of the Clip has a sloped ‘roof’ to it, perfect for an angled Tap just like tapping the base of a Golem. The app will know exactly which Golem you want to use, no matter how many other Golems of the same kind are already on the board.




We’ve created a new way to get a bird’s eye view of all the Golems still in the game and more easily navigate to the Golem you’re interested in.

You’ll see a new symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen during gameplay — a stylized all-seeing EYE. Tap this icon to bring up the new Map & Army Overview screen.


The next screen will show the map in a top-down view, and a more easily browesable summary of each army. Choose the Army for the right side-bar by tapping its Banner design. Tap a Golem from that side-bar to zoom the map to that Golem and exit the overview.




We have also done quite a bit of miscellaneous Bug Fixes. We’ll have those changes summarized on our Support page just as soon as we can.



Ascendant Izvari thumbnail

New Lore: Ascendant

New Lore: Ascendant by J.C. Hutchins

Isvari has finally arrived at the end of her long journey, from the halls of the Khan’s palace to the desert home of her estranged Clan Sunu. If she can endure the painful Becoming ritual, and the visions of the past and future that they bring — Isvari and all the Urugal Clans of Eretsu will never be the same.


Be sure to join the conversation on our forums!

And be sure to compete in the limited-time-only Story Scenario: Of Ash and Bone!  (July 30th – August 2nd).


Of Ash and Bone: Secrets of Libir


Of Ash and Bone: Secrets of Libir is a story scenario that will run exclusively during GenCon, but be available to all players during that time, (July 30th – August 2nd).

Players will choose their faction and declare fealty to one of 6 leaders. This choice will help determine who uncovers ancient secrets locked away in the temples and ruins of the city of Libir.


Libir is an ancient city steeped in secrets and cryptic references to power long-forgotten. Janu Kahn re-discovered the secrets of the Gudanna Arcanum here. From deep under the ruins of this city, Izvari summoned the devastating Ashmogh Colossus, (read more about that in “Ascendant” here).

Leaders from every faction of Eretsu have descended on the aged and crumbling city to claim the strength of its temples and buried wonders for the coming conflicts.

Who will you fight for? What will you find?


This map was designed to encourage both fighting near the center as well as on the outer edges. This helps to make the battle more dynamic. With minimal LOS blocking, and diverse cover & terrain features, movement and ranged attacks are less impaired but impactful.

Mana wells are located on the outer edges to keep “running and hiding” for mana minimal.

VP locations specific to each army are located opposite of their deployment zones, but right next to an opponent’s DZ — again to keep action lively and give an army an alternate objective if they destroy an adjacent enemy or are unopposed by them.

Victory Conditions

Victory is achieved by being the first player to 3 VP. Central VP locations are open to any army to claim and worth 1 VP/turn. Outer VP Locations may only be claimed by the army deployed on the opposite side of the map, and are also worth 1 VP/turn.


Players will find two, (2) versions of the scenario. One is built using pre-created armies, (each one comprised entirely of units from Durani: Scions of Honor, Gudanna: Terrors of the Steppes, Zikia: Heralds of The Great Weald, and Urugal: Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs. This version is found under the “Tutorials” tab). The other has no pre-determined armies and you can use your own 500 point army to play, (found under the “Story” tab). If you are playing at GenCon in the event hall, please let us know if you would prefer to play the open-army, (not pre-created) version. We will accommodate those we can.

This Scenario is created using Tile Set 2, either version of the scenario will require that tile set to play.


The winning-est faction unlocks exclusive access to “The Singing Flame” Ancient One during the first month of League Play this fall.

While exclusivity will be tracked at the faction level (Empire, Dominion, or Mercenary Kings), which leader wins the most in Libir will be tracked for the ongoing story of Golem Arcana.

All players who participate in Ash & Bone at GenCon or an Emissary hosted event will win The Singing Flame for free (granted to your account after the event finishes). It will be purchasable by everyone else at a later date, prior to the start of League Play.


Endless Cycle Feature

New Lore: The Endless Cycle

New Lore: The Endless Cycle by Chris Rogers.

Under the watchful eyes of the Spider’s spies, Vhal Kitra and the Spirit Magdina arrive in Prishta seeking The Deliverer. This black-hearted mercenary captain may claim to be only fulfilling his contract with the Abbess, but given a second chance, he may yet make a new mark on the history of Eretsu.

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Golem Arcana Midwest Regional Tournament

Golem Arcana Midwest Regional Tournament


Midwest Regional Golem Arcana Tournament July 30th & 31st!

Join us for the 2015 Midwest Golem Arcana Regional Tournament taking place June 30th (and 31st) at GenCon 2015!

Click here to register for the tournament, (GenCon Badge required for entry). We only have room for 32 players so don’t delay! Registration closes 5pm (PDT) July 29th.

The League of The Hundred Skulls Regional Tournament starts at noon, July 30th in Hall F @ GenCon 2015.


Regional Tournaments are open to the first 32 registrants. League Points are not required to participate but players with 40 points or more will be awarded a first-round bye (they get to skip the first round of competition). Click here to view your League Point totals.

Regional Tournaments will use a single-elimination bracket, and will consist of 500-point games played on a combination of three scenarios from throughout the League season, split evenly across the tournament rounds. Each player will use one 500-point army for the entire tournament.

The top 11 players, (with ties being decided by Victory Point count) from each Regional Tournament will receive an invitation to the Grand Championships August 1st @ GenCon 2015!

Regional Tournament Prize

The winner of each regional tournament will walk away with their own copy of the Mercenary Kings: Rangers of the Oath Elite Unit expansion. Glory, honor, and this Mercenary Kings Elite Unit are up for the taking!


What to Bring

You will need to bring your own 500pt army and a Golem Arcana compatible device to play.

You will need to bring your copy of Map Tile Set 1.


The Midwest Regional Tournament will be fought amongst the maps used in The Challenge of Valor, detailed below.

Scenario A

In the first scenario, you will attempt to wrest control of the enemy’s gate region on the opposite side from your deployment zone, while denying your opponent control of the other gate. Will you take the objectives for 2 VP a round, or destroy your enemy? Both controlling gates and destroying enemy Golems will earn you victory points. Earn 6 Victory Points and victory is claimed!


Scenario B

Scenario B is a violent clash to be the last Golem standing. Will you take the scenario by destroying all your opponent’s Golems, or be shamed in annihilation? Start by placing your Golems in the highlighted deployment zones, (yes, you and your opponent have access to a mana well within your centrally-located zone!) and battle is joined as you attempt to outmaneuver your enemy. Use the hills and mana wells to gain the advantage and wipe out your opponent!


Scenario C

The final scenario is comprised of 3 contested victory regions. With each capturable location having various strategic strengths, it will fall to you to decide the best path to victory. Will you attempt to deny your opponent any zones, or maneuver to gain advantage where they are exposed? Earn 1 Victory Point per turn that you control a Region uncontested, and collect 6 VP total to win.


More Golem Arcana Events

More GA Tournaments and events are taking place across the country. See the list below:

Grand Championship Tournament

GenCon 2015 — Indiana Convention Center  - Badge required, see below link. Golem Arcana League of The Hundred Skulls Regional Tournament starts at 10am, August 1st, in Hall F. Semifinals and finals start at Noon on August 2nd.

Visit to find other events in your area!

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Questions? Email us at


Living World Campaign “Realm of Cinders – Ch 3” – July 8th


“Open war has never been the concern of the Zikia.
We prefer skirmishes and scrapes, 
but there is no doubt in my mind we can learn, if I lead.
Our enemy can only be defeated if we bring all the wealds together.
Alone we will each be crushed beneath the heavy feet of the Dominion and the Empire,
but under my command, the Great Weald will rise again.”
— Vanya, Patriarch of the Samula Tribe, First among Equals

The final chapter of Golem Arcana’s Living World campaign, “Realm of Cinders,” is an exciting way for players to make a difference in the world of Eretsu. Every game contributes to the success or failure of the player’s chosen faction, and immersive roleplaying opportunities mid-game can make a long-lasting impact on the future lore of the world!

Read on for details on how you can participate in the Realm of Cinders, and for information on earning rewards for playing!


Plan ahead for your army building with this Overview of Chapter 3 – including: map objectives, victory conditions, unique game mechanics, and a preview the map.


For this second campaign, we are offering three scenario chapters. Each chapter runs for three to four weeks, working around U.S. holidays, with a week off in between to analyze data collected from the previous chapter.

Chapter 1: ran from May 6th through June 3rd
Chapter 2: ran from June 10th through June 30th
These chapters will be re-released for open-play after the whole campaign is done.

Chapter 3: July 8th through July 28th


Each scenario introduces a new map layout, victory conditions, and storytelling opportunities—and future short stories in the Fiction section of this website will be affected by what you accomplish here!

Read our newest short story here: The Great Weald, inspired by YOUR games and decisions in Realm of Cinders Chapter 2, which continues the epic journey of Vanya the Exile, as told in Beneath the Gaze of Ancients and The Untamed.

And to read more about the impact of the results from Chapter 1, read Visions of Fire, continuing the Zikia Matriarch’s story from Web of Thorns.


While you can play Living World scenarios at home, our army of Emissaries will also be hosting events at friendly local game stores around the country (and the world). Each week you participate in an Emissary-hosted event, your Golem Arcana account will be awarded 75 Talons that can be used for the purchase of Ancient Ones and Knights in the app’s Army Builder.

Unlike the League Play events, there’s no tournament structure of multiple games. Instead, you’ll be playing to ensure your faction comes out on top of the final results of each chapter. So if you want to influence how the Realm of Cinders affects your faction and the history of Eretsu, keep fighting to turn the tide of battle in your favor!

The Golem Arcana quartermasters have also supplied Emissaries with a stockpile of new promotional Relic cards, so if it’s one of your first times playing Golem, your local Emissary will be happy to entrust you with one of these powerful weapons of war!


Visit to find events in your area!

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Excited about what the future holds for your faction? Want to rally your allies to join the fight? Discuss the Realm of Cinders on our forums!


Realm of Cinders – Chapter 3 – Overview



“Open war has never been the concern of the Zikia.
We prefer skirmishes and scrapes, 
but there is no doubt in my mind we can learn, if I lead.
Our enemy can only be defeated if we bring all the wealds together.
Alone we will each be crushed beneath the heavy feet of the Dominion and the Empire,
but under my command, the Great Weald will rise again.”
— Vanya, Patriarch of the Samula Tribe, First among Equals

The final chapter of Golem Arcana’s Living World campaign, “Realm of Cinders,” has begun and it throws players into a brutal, knock-down-drag-out finale, fighting for control of the Zikia’s sacred Mahatavi.

There are both 3-player and a 2-player versions of Chapter 3 — though both versions uses the same map. In Chapter 3 you’ll face off with 1000 point armies against your foes!


Here are the scouting reports each army receives at the beginning of the game…


Using the charms you seized from Zikia elders, the Durani army has navigated the mystical labyrinth protecting the Mahatavi, the sacred heart of the Wildwood. Your scouts deliver their reports…

‘The Cinderborn have followed in our wake, turning the forest to ash. Yet here at the center, it’s clear even their raging flames cannot damage the Zikia’s great tree. We gather at a single giant root, where it provides healing protection from the fires. No doubt other Durani seek refuge around similar roots nearby.’

‘We’ve passed the labyrinth in advance of the reinforcements from Lords Mahik and Amba. Perhaps because of our commander Kopa Vahni’s restraint in the Vinewood, the uncorrupted forest spirits here seem willing to aid us.’

‘Kopa Vahni has given us the simplest order: leave no Gudanna or Mercenary enemy standing.’


Using the charms you gathered from the Zikia elders, the remaining Dominion forces have navigated the mystical labyrinth protecting the Mahatavi, the sacred heart of the Wildwood. Your scouts deliver their reports…

‘We have not arrived here alone: the Empire and Mercenary Kings have also found their way through the labyrinth, the Cinderborn on their heels. The power of this sacred tree is evident — not even the fires of the Cinderborn can harm it. Here at this single giant root, it provides protection from the flames. No doubt other Gudanna seek refuge around similar roots nearby.’

‘Our spymaster has also finished her experiments with the Vinewood mana wells. The uncorrupted forest spirits we encountered on our journey through the labyrinth can be bargained with. Should any approach close enough, we can seek their blessing to aid in the fight.’

‘Our superiors have ordered us to establish control over the Mahatavi so our agents may extract its secrets. All armies opposing us must be destroyed.’


Now among the armies of the Great Weald and using the charms given you by the Zikia elders of the Vinewood, your Mercenary Kings have arrived at the Mahatavi. Your scouts deliver their reports…

‘The Gudanna and Durani have also penetrated the protective labyrinth, leading the Cinderborn with them. Standing before us, a single vast root of the First Tree will protect us, even from the fires of the enraged forest spirits. Other Mercenary and Zikia commanders guard other roots nearby, protecting the Tree from our enemies.’

‘Uncorrupted forest spirits from the labyrinth stand silent guard nearby, yet the Cinderborn press ever closer. We should keep an eye out for any forest spirits in need of our aid. While capricious and unpredictable, surely they’ll grant us boons to fight the enemies of the forest.’

‘Vanya has commanded us to purge these sacred grounds of uprooters, Dominion and Empire alike.’




All armies have the same goal to win:

- Control the last Golems standing when all others fall.

- You gain no VP from destroying individual Golems.


THE FIRST TREE — Entering or starting the Turn in the Elevated Regions in the center of the map will heal your Golems for 5 HP.

THE CINDERBORN — Entering or starting the Turn in ANY OTHER Region will damage your Golems for 10 HP.

MANA ABUNDANCE — Your army gains no Mana from Golem deaths, but you’ll receive 10 Mana automatically every Turn.

FOREST SPIRITS — Partway through the game, uncorrupted Forest Spirits will begin to appear. Help them and they will grant your Golem a boon! Each Faction has a different Boon, mixing Damage bonuses and Healing bonuses, based on player decisions during Chapter 2!



The 2 player scenario begins with each army on opposite sides of a small map, and you must be playing 2 different factions. The army with the Lowest APV goes first and at that point it’s a mad scramble for getting as many Golems on to those 4 Elevated Regions as quickly as possible and staying there, while stopping your opponent from doing the same.

Every time a Golem ends its movement NOT on the central hills, it takes 10 damage, and ANOTHER 10 damage at the beginning of each turn. Moving into or starting on the 4 central hills allows a Golem to gain back 5 health. So be sure to position your Golems in your deployment zones in such a way to maximize your chances of getting up on onto those central hills as quickly as possible.



The 3 Player scenario has a fixed deployment order.

The DURANI EMPIRE go first and deploy in the 4 Elevated Regions near the First Tree’s root. This is because the Durani Empire collected the most Zikia Charms during Chapter 2 and therefore navigated the labyrinth surrounding the Mahatavi more quickly than the other armies.

The GUDANNA DOMINION go second and deploy on the west & south ends of the map, because they collected the next most Charms in Chapter 2. And the Mercenary Kings go last and deploy on the north & east ends of the map.

Yes, the 3-player game pits a total of 3000 points of Golems on the same map as the 2-player version!



Visit to find events in your area!

No events in your area? Passionate about Golem Arcana? Apply to become an Emissary today! Just visit to learn more.


Excited about what the future holds for your faction? Want to rally your allies to join the fight? Discuss the Realm of Cinders on our forums!

The Great Weald button

New Lore: The Great Weald

New lore based on the Realm of Cinders living world campaign is now available: The Great Weald!

Vanya and the Untamed have arrived at the Preveza, crowded with refugees fleeing the war and the Cinderborn. Elders from throughout the Wildwood have gathered, along with Ajin of the Zura Tribe — once a friend, perhaps still an ally.

The Great Weald reflects events in Chapters 1 and 2 of the living world campaign, and leads into the grand finale starting on July 8th.

Be sure to share your reactions to The Great Weald or your own tales of valor from the Realm of Cinders in our forums!