Realm of Cinders – Chapter 3 – Overview



“Open war has never been the concern of the Zikia.
We prefer skirmishes and scrapes, 
but there is no doubt in my mind we can learn, if I lead.
Our enemy can only be defeated if we bring all the wealds together.
Alone we will each be crushed beneath the heavy feet of the Dominion and the Empire,
but under my command, the Great Weald will rise again.”
— Vanya, Patriarch of the Samula Tribe, First among Equals

The final chapter of Golem Arcana’s Living World campaign, “Realm of Cinders,” has begun and it throws players into a brutal, knock-down-drag-out finale, fighting for control of the Zikia’s sacred Mahatavi.

There are both 3-player and a 2-player versions of Chapter 3 — though both versions uses the same map. In Chapter 3 you’ll face off with 1000 point armies against your foes!


Here are the scouting reports each army receives at the beginning of the game…


Using the charms you seized from Zikia elders, the Durani army has navigated the mystical labyrinth protecting the Mahatavi, the sacred heart of the Wildwood. Your scouts deliver their reports…

‘The Cinderborn have followed in our wake, turning the forest to ash. Yet here at the center, it’s clear even their raging flames cannot damage the Zikia’s great tree. We gather at a single giant root, where it provides healing protection from the fires. No doubt other Durani seek refuge around similar roots nearby.’

‘We’ve passed the labyrinth in advance of the reinforcements from Lords Mahik and Amba. Perhaps because of our commander Kopa Vahni’s restraint in the Vinewood, the uncorrupted forest spirits here seem willing to aid us.’

‘Kopa Vahni has given us the simplest order: leave no Gudanna or Mercenary enemy standing.’


Using the charms you gathered from the Zikia elders, the remaining Dominion forces have navigated the mystical labyrinth protecting the Mahatavi, the sacred heart of the Wildwood. Your scouts deliver their reports…

‘We have not arrived here alone: the Empire and Mercenary Kings have also found their way through the labyrinth, the Cinderborn on their heels. The power of this sacred tree is evident — not even the fires of the Cinderborn can harm it. Here at this single giant root, it provides protection from the flames. No doubt other Gudanna seek refuge around similar roots nearby.’

‘Our spymaster has also finished her experiments with the Vinewood mana wells. The uncorrupted forest spirits we encountered on our journey through the labyrinth can be bargained with. Should any approach close enough, we can seek their blessing to aid in the fight.’

‘Our superiors have ordered us to establish control over the Mahatavi so our agents may extract its secrets. All armies opposing us must be destroyed.’


Now among the armies of the Great Weald and using the charms given you by the Zikia elders of the Vinewood, your Mercenary Kings have arrived at the Mahatavi. Your scouts deliver their reports…

‘The Gudanna and Durani have also penetrated the protective labyrinth, leading the Cinderborn with them. Standing before us, a single vast root of the First Tree will protect us, even from the fires of the enraged forest spirits. Other Mercenary and Zikia commanders guard other roots nearby, protecting the Tree from our enemies.’

‘Uncorrupted forest spirits from the labyrinth stand silent guard nearby, yet the Cinderborn press ever closer. We should keep an eye out for any forest spirits in need of our aid. While capricious and unpredictable, surely they’ll grant us boons to fight the enemies of the forest.’

‘Vanya has commanded us to purge these sacred grounds of uprooters, Dominion and Empire alike.’




All armies have the same goal to win:

- Control the last Golems standing when all others fall.

- You gain no VP from destroying individual Golems.


THE FIRST TREE — Entering or starting the Turn in the Elevated Regions in the center of the map will heal your Golems for 5 HP.

THE CINDERBORN — Entering or starting the Turn in ANY OTHER Region will damage your Golems for 10 HP.

MANA ABUNDANCE — Your army gains no Mana from Golem deaths, but you’ll receive 10 Mana automatically every Turn.

FOREST SPIRITS — Partway through the game, uncorrupted Forest Spirits will begin to appear. Help them and they will grant your Golem a boon! Each Faction has a different Boon, mixing Damage bonuses and Healing bonuses, based on player decisions during Chapter 2!



The 2 player scenario begins with each army on opposite sides of a small map, and you must be playing 2 different factions. The army with the Lowest APV goes first and at that point it’s a mad scramble for getting as many Golems on to those 4 Elevated Regions as quickly as possible and staying there, while stopping your opponent from doing the same.

Every time a Golem ends its movement NOT on the central hills, it takes 10 damage, and ANOTHER 10 damage at the beginning of each turn. Moving into or starting on the 4 central hills allows a Golem to gain back 5 health. So be sure to position your Golems in your deployment zones in such a way to maximize your chances of getting up on onto those central hills as quickly as possible.



The 3 Player scenario has a fixed deployment order.

The DURANI EMPIRE go first and deploy in the 4 Elevated Regions near the First Tree’s root. This is because the Durani Empire collected the most Zikia Charms during Chapter 2 and therefore navigated the labyrinth surrounding the Mahatavi more quickly than the other armies.

The GUDANNA DOMINION go second and deploy on the west & south ends of the map, because they collected the next most Charms in Chapter 2. And the Mercenary Kings go last and deploy on the north & east ends of the map.

Yes, the 3-player game pits a total of 3000 points of Golems on the same map as the 2-player version!



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