Golem Arcana Midwest Regional Tournament

Golem Arcana Midwest Regional Tournament


Midwest Regional Golem Arcana Tournament July 30th & 31st!

Join us for the 2015 Midwest Golem Arcana Regional Tournament taking place June 30th (and 31st) at GenCon 2015!

Click here to register for the tournament, (GenCon Badge required for entry). We only have room for 32 players so don’t delay! Registration closes 5pm (PDT) July 29th.

The League of The Hundred Skulls Regional Tournament starts at noon, July 30th in Hall F @ GenCon 2015.


Regional Tournaments are open to the first 32 registrants. League Points are not required to participate but players with 40 points or more will be awarded a first-round bye (they get to skip the first round of competition). Click here to view your League Point totals.

Regional Tournaments will use a single-elimination bracket, and will consist of 500-point games played on a combination of three scenarios from throughout the League season, split evenly across the tournament rounds. Each player will use one 500-point army for the entire tournament.

The top 11 players, (with ties being decided by Victory Point count) from each Regional Tournament will receive an invitation to the Grand Championships August 1st @ GenCon 2015!

Regional Tournament Prize

The winner of each regional tournament will walk away with their own copy of the Mercenary Kings: Rangers of the Oath Elite Unit expansion. Glory, honor, and this Mercenary Kings Elite Unit are up for the taking!


What to Bring

You will need to bring your own 500pt army and a Golem Arcana compatible device to play.

You will need to bring your copy of Map Tile Set 1.


The Midwest Regional Tournament will be fought amongst the maps used in The Challenge of Valor, detailed below.

Scenario A

In the first scenario, you will attempt to wrest control of the enemy’s gate region on the opposite side from your deployment zone, while denying your opponent control of the other gate. Will you take the objectives for 2 VP a round, or destroy your enemy? Both controlling gates and destroying enemy Golems will earn you victory points. Earn 6 Victory Points and victory is claimed!


Scenario B

Scenario B is a violent clash to be the last Golem standing. Will you take the scenario by destroying all your opponent’s Golems, or be shamed in annihilation? Start by placing your Golems in the highlighted deployment zones, (yes, you and your opponent have access to a mana well within your centrally-located zone!) and battle is joined as you attempt to outmaneuver your enemy. Use the hills and mana wells to gain the advantage and wipe out your opponent!


Scenario C

The final scenario is comprised of 3 contested victory regions. With each capturable location having various strategic strengths, it will fall to you to decide the best path to victory. Will you attempt to deny your opponent any zones, or maneuver to gain advantage where they are exposed? Earn 1 Victory Point per turn that you control a Region uncontested, and collect 6 VP total to win.


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Grand Championship Tournament

GenCon 2015 — Indiana Convention Center  - Badge required, see below link. http://www.gencon.com/ Golem Arcana League of The Hundred Skulls Regional Tournament starts at 10am, August 1st, in Hall F. Semifinals and finals start at Noon on August 2nd.

Visit golemarcana.com/events to find other events in your area!

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