Code Update: August

A brand new update to Golem Arcana has hit the Apple and Google servers today. (It can sometimes take 24 hours to propagate through all the various Servers around the world, so you should see it soon if you haven’t already.)


The game will now auto-save every turn. If your game is interrupted before completion, you’ll be able to Load it from the main menu: Battle > Start Game. The current list of saved games are displayed below the >New Game> button (if there are any games saved). There is only ever one auto-save at a time — so once you complete a game, the auto-save will be cleared out. If you start a New Game, the auto-save file will be for that game.

iOS Performance — depending on your device, you may find an extra delay at the beginning of each turn when playing large games or more complex scenarios. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we’ve already submitted a hot-fix to Apple for review. A patch for this problem should make its way through their system in about a week.

In the current Android version (and future iOS version), you can also turn off Auto-Save in the Settings (off the Main Menu).



We’ve changed how Charge costs are paid for: if a Golem does not leave its current Region during a Charge, the Movement ability does not gain any Cooldown, which means its Movement Cost does not increase. You still pay the AP cost for the Movement + Attack Ability.

Some practical implications and examples:

  • if the Charging Golem is starting from further away than the adjacent Region, the Movement will still gain Cooldown, because even if it misses or is not able to dislodge its target, it will still leave its current Region
  • if the attacking Golem is in an adjacent Region and misses its target, its Movement ability will not increase in cost
  • if the attacking Golem is in an adjacent Region and cannot displace its target (because it is smaller Class than the Target), its Movement ability will not increase in cost  – this means that attacking an enemy Colossus just got a lot easier for Golems with multiple cheap Melee attacks and a cheap Movement



With the arrival of the Ashmogh on the scene, we needed to clean up how the Colossus Breakdown system works. As you know, as a Colossus loses health, it also loses access to some of its Attacks and Knights. At 60% health, it loses one Attack. At 40% health, it loses on Knight. At 20% health it loses both an Attack and a Knight.

Here are the changes we’ve made for what happens at these Colossus Breakdown points:

  • when a Colossus loses enough health to go past a Breakdown point, it’s Army will gain 25% of the Death Mana — so no longer do you get a TON of Mana when the Colossus dies, but instead you’ll get some of that Mana along the way
  • if a Colossus gains enough health to go back above its Breakdown point, it will regain a lost Knight or Attack — BUT, when it loses enough Health to breakdown again, it will not gain another portion of Death Mana.



We have manufactured a special accessory for Golem Arcana to make it easier to play with multiples of the same Golem in the same Army as well as when facing an enemy Army that has some of the same Golems as you. This product is made up of a new design of Banner Stands and small Clips that attach to the top of them — and a series of OID-code stickers that go on the top of the Clips.

In addition to helping manage multiple Golems on the table, the Clips are designed to perfectly hold in place your custom banners, created in the App and printed out on regular printer paper. Show off your Faction loyalty with pride!


NEXT WEEK, on our Web Store , you may purchase two different products:

  • Multi-Player Banner Clips — includes 10 clips each of 6 different designs: 60 banner stands, clips and stickers: $24.99
    This is ideal for up to 1000 point armies, and six player games.
  • Epic-Game Banner Clips — includes 25 clips each of 2 different designs: 50 banner stands, clips and stickers: $19.99
    This is ideal for larger two player games, all the way up to 3000 points.

So if you were to buy both, you’ll have easy support for 8 player 1000 point games. BUT since each sticker has a unique OID code on it, it doesn’t help to own two of the same set.

These products are EXCLUSIVE to the Golem Arcana web store and will not be available at retail.


Assigning Banner Clips

After you’ve started a new game (Main Menu > Battle > Start Game), you’ll see a new box in the upper right corner: “Banner Clip”. Tap this and you’ll be able to pick which overall design of Banner Clips you’re going to be using for that Army.


The app will automatically assign a number to each Golem in your Army, in numerical order. If you happen to misplace one of your Clips, you can manually change an individual Golem’s number by tapping the Banner next to that Golem’s knight portrait — a pop-up will let you pick a new unassigned number to that Golem.


Using Banner Clips in the Game

During play, any time you want to activate or target a Golem you can just tap the Banner Clip instead. The top of the Clip has a sloped ‘roof’ to it, perfect for an angled Tap just like tapping the base of a Golem. The app will know exactly which Golem you want to use, no matter how many other Golems of the same kind are already on the board.




We’ve created a new way to get a bird’s eye view of all the Golems still in the game and more easily navigate to the Golem you’re interested in.

You’ll see a new symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen during gameplay — a stylized all-seeing EYE. Tap this icon to bring up the new Map & Army Overview screen.


The next screen will show the map in a top-down view, and a more easily browesable summary of each army. Choose the Army for the right side-bar by tapping its Banner design. Tap a Golem from that side-bar to zoom the map to that Golem and exit the overview.




We have also done quite a bit of miscellaneous Bug Fixes. We’ll have those changes summarized on our Support page just as soon as we can.