Of Ash and Bone: Secrets of Libir


Of Ash and Bone: Secrets of Libir is a story scenario that will run exclusively during GenCon, but be available to all players during that time, (July 30th – August 2nd).

Players will choose their faction and declare fealty to one of 6 leaders. This choice will help determine who uncovers ancient secrets locked away in the temples and ruins of the city of Libir.


Libir is an ancient city steeped in secrets and cryptic references to power long-forgotten. Janu Kahn re-discovered the secrets of the Gudanna Arcanum here. From deep under the ruins of this city, Izvari summoned the devastating Ashmogh Colossus, (read more about that in “Ascendant” here).

Leaders from every faction of Eretsu have descended on the aged and crumbling city to claim the strength of its temples and buried wonders for the coming conflicts.

Who will you fight for? What will you find?


This map was designed to encourage both fighting near the center as well as on the outer edges. This helps to make the battle more dynamic. With minimal LOS blocking, and diverse cover & terrain features, movement and ranged attacks are less impaired but impactful.

Mana wells are located on the outer edges to keep “running and hiding” for mana minimal.

VP locations specific to each army are located opposite of their deployment zones, but right next to an opponent’s DZ — again to keep action lively and give an army an alternate objective if they destroy an adjacent enemy or are unopposed by them.

Victory Conditions

Victory is achieved by being the first player to 3 VP. Central VP locations are open to any army to claim and worth 1 VP/turn. Outer VP Locations may only be claimed by the army deployed on the opposite side of the map, and are also worth 1 VP/turn.


Players will find two, (2) versions of the scenario. One is built using pre-created armies, (each one comprised entirely of units from Durani: Scions of Honor, Gudanna: Terrors of the Steppes, Zikia: Heralds of The Great Weald, and Urugal: Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs. This version is found under the “Tutorials” tab). The other has no pre-determined armies and you can use your own 500 point army to play, (found under the “Story” tab). If you are playing at GenCon in the event hall, please let us know if you would prefer to play the open-army, (not pre-created) version. We will accommodate those we can.

This Scenario is created using Tile Set 2, either version of the scenario will require that tile set to play.


The winning-est faction unlocks exclusive access to “The Singing Flame” Ancient One during the first month of League Play this fall.

While exclusivity will be tracked at the faction level (Empire, Dominion, or Mercenary Kings), which leader wins the most in Libir will be tracked for the ongoing story of Golem Arcana.

All players who participate in Ash & Bone at GenCon or an Emissary hosted event will win The Singing Flame for free (granted to your account after the event finishes). It will be purchasable by everyone else at a later date, prior to the start of League Play.