Of Ash and Bone – Update!


Libir’s ghostly, recently vacant streets now quake as the armies of Eretsu fight for control of the city’s powerful secrets. The Great Weald of the Wildwood has unleashed its fury, establishing control over much of the haunted city. However, Vanya’s rivals from the Realm of Cinders have also met with some success. Raga Dasra has taken almost a fifth of the city on her own, while Raja Sudhamra’s forces are apparently more concerned with stopping Izvari’s Ascendant Wake, and themselves maintain control of only a few blocks. Izvari and her Wake are undeterred by the attempts of both Sudhamra and Raga Nandanna to crush them. Izvari has secured a portion of the city comparable to Dasra’s. As the contest rages on, the Ancient Ones have not seen fit to grant any faction the untold wealth of power hidden within the city’s temples. Perhaps they enjoy the spectacle of the great armies vying for Libir’s lost prizes—one can never assume to know the minds of the Ancients. What can be said is a call across Eretsu summons knights of every arcanum to join the fight for Libir. 

-Herald of Eretsu

Hi Folks,

John here, (Organized Play Coordinator for HBS). GenCon was a BLAST! It was amazing to meet so many of you at our booth, event hall, and out and around the convention. Golem Arcana players are some of the most passionate and genuine that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Running games in the Event Hall and getting to watch people play for the first time, as well as seeing familiar faces, was incredibly rewarding. For a lot of folks (around 560 of them!), “Ash and Bone” was their first taste of Golem Arcana and the Living World format of scenarios. You can find all the details of the scenario here.
Due to that, and the demand for the story involved; we are going to extend the length of time that “Ash and Bone” is available for play. The scenario can still be found in the “Story” tab and will remain available through August 19th.
Look for an update on the state of the battle above (based on the GenCon and home/organized play so far).
Tired, but triumphant,