League of the Hundred Skulls: Conquest of Eretsu Block 1 Live!


The League of the Hundred Skulls returns today with Conquest of Eretsu!

Block 1 will run from September 30th through October 28th and is titled “Impending Aggression”.

During a League Play event, players battle each other with a single 500-point army across three scenarios using the same map, but with various victory conditions and deployment zones.

Scenarios will vary over the course of events, as well as during each of the blocks over the 12-week League season, (now through December 30th). Details of the first block’s scenarios are below.

League Points

Players earn League Points for playing and winning League battles within an event. After all players at the event have played all three scenarios, the player with the most League Points is the winner of the event.

Earn a total of 40 League Points during the 12-week season for an invitation to a League of the Hundred Skulls Regional Tournament. We will soon publish more details on the Regional and Grand Championships, which will be held at GenCon.

As you battle across these scenarios, the outcome of each match will earn you League Points as follows:

Absolute Victory: 4 League Points

Secure a win via the primary victory condition.

Victory: 3 League Points

Win via secondary condition, or destroy your opponent’s army.

Tie: 2 League Points each

If a game ends with players having equal Victory Points.

Defeat: 1 League Point

If your opponent achieves an Absolute Victory or Victory, the defeated player is awarded 1 League Point.

Concession: 0 League Points

If a player concedes the match.

Impending Aggression

Impending Aggression is the first block of the series, and runs now through October 28th. Here’s a look at the different scenarios you’ll be playing.

Scenario A

This scenario is a contest to keep control of your victory region while denying the opponent control of the other. 3 victory points will be needed to win, and your zone awards 1 VP per round that you control it un-contested. Deploy your forces, and move aggressively to take victory!


Scenario B

In the next scenario you’ll face a traditional battle to the last Golem standing, with victory achieved by destroying all your opponent’s Golems. You’ll place your Golems in either of the highlighted deployment zones, and battle is joined as you attempt to outmaneuver your enemy.


Scenario C

The final scenario presents double contested victory regions. With the centrally located objectives, expect a hard fight for control. Earn 1 Victory Points per turn that you control either region uncontested, and collect 5VP total to win.


Each Block contains a unique set of three scenarios with different victory conditions (for example; Last Golem Standing, King of the Hill, and Control). At each League event you use the same 500 point army for all three scenarios. Players earn League Points for playing and winning League battles within an event. After all players at the event have played all three scenarios the player with the most League Points is the winner of the event.

You can participate in as many League Events as you wish, even if you won a previous one.

You can find League of the Hundred Skulls events in your area on the event calendar [here], or how to become an emissary and host your own events [here].

Go forth, to victory and great honor!