Golem Arcana Rebalance Announcement

WARNING: This is a long post! 

(Available in German)

With Golem Arcana being one year into its existence – and with the addition of 100s of game elements and a ton of new and updated game data, we have decided to take all we have learned and use the remainder of the year to review it all in order to create a tighter, more fun, more competitive, and better balanced game.

We are calling it the Golem Arcana Rebalance and I want to let you in on what we are planning, what the goals are and what your role in the process will be.

Starting this week-end and going through Block 2 of the Conquest of Eretsu League Play event you will see that all the Army Point Value (APV) of the Golems have been adjusted (and some Relics, see below)

So what have we been up to?

As you may have noticed, while you have been playing Block 1, we have been compiling a master list of Known Issues, updating and completing an on-line rulebook and fixing a series of bugs in the game.

But mainly we have been working on the game balance by examining the underlying mathematics that define a Golem and its abilities and its powers. A complete review and adjustment of the global mathematics – we consider these formulas our Constants. These Constants apply across all golems equally. We have adjusted these based on 1000s of game play data and with an eye towards long term balance not just Golem vs Golem but also Arcana vs Arcana and Army vs Army.

This week-end and through Block 2 you will see the first set of revised data for Golems.

We have been testing these changes over a month now and we feel and feel this first batch of testing is ready for you to play with them in a League setting. So starting this week-end and playable in Block 2 you will create and build armies using this first set of revised data for Golems.

We really need you to kick the tires on them during league play AND just as importantly in social friendly home games.

Of course you are encourage to provide feedback in the forums or just ask questions about why and how something has changed.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: These values are not final values – your feedback (and the data from your gameplay) will help determine whether or not we need to go back and revisit the Constants we manipulated.

So, while you are playing and we are learning about those values we internally will move on to our next steps:


Step 2: More Golem Adjustments

This is a review of the mathematics that determine a specific Golem’s APV and powers. This is tricky because it includes both the cost of using a power (AP) and the cost of the power (as applied to the APV). This is a line-by-line review of each Golem separately (so basically we reapply Constant formula broken down per power, if you will)


Step 3: Digital Objects Review

Using many of the steps outlined for Golems we will be following the same path on Digital Objects. The cool thing here is that outside of Relics we don’t have to worry about errata or costs being reflected on printed material. This process will most likely focus on AP/Mana/HP costs and APV. Also during this time we will be doing a Knight/Golem review. In some cases it will influence how we address the Digital Object review, and also help us see what weaknesses Golems may have.


Our goal is to have much of this ready for Block 3 of the League play – with of course any adjustments we need to make from your games.


Finally,  you will find a handful of Relics have also had their APV adjusted. This was determined in order to have more balanced games. Those values were tested but are not final.


We will keep you updated with new information and new postings and the process continues. Check the SUPPORT page weekly (always updated by Thursday morning) or the forums where you can post any questions to us there.

Thanks for your time and welcome to the Golem Arcana Rebalance! We’re hyped and I hope you are too!


Mike Mulvihill

Golem Arcana Lead Designer