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Gudanna: Raiders of the Blasted Land — Now Available!

As Eretsu continues to descend into chaos now more than a year after the Great Khan’s death, the khans of the Dominion have new weapons to call into battle against those that would attempt to steal what the Great Khan’s Dominion took through strength and force of will. The Raiders of the Blasted Land are the latest Gudanna Golems to bolster your Dominion army. The Raiders excel at hit-and-run tactics, surprising their foes with sudden speed and relocation.

As of Wednesday, November 18th, The Raiders of the Blasted Land are officially available on retail shelves at your FLGS. If your store doesn’t have the Raiders yet, let them know you’d like a copy and they can order one for you!



The Burrow Claw


Burrow Claw:

The Burrow Claw is a dangerous Warsprite with a nasty surprise for its enemies. It scuttles into melee with foes and strikes by clamping down with its pincers. It doesn’t stay still for long though. The Burrow Claw can unleash a Tunneling Blast in melee, driving itself beneath the sands of the wastes, and slip away from its opponent, ending up in any Region with No Cover that it chooses.






The Terra NagaTerra Naga:

The Terra Naga is a rarity amongst the Gudanna Golems: An Ogre flier that depends solely upon ranged attacks. While the Naga fights from range, it still has to stay close to its targets, and as such it’s not as vulnerable as some ranged Golems when facing a melee assault. If an enemy closes into melee with the Naga, its Winged Withdrawal reduces the cost of Fly by 1 AP, often granting the Naga a free movement to escape. The Terra Naga can summon forth a Scattering Sirocco and harness the whirlwind to scatter all the Golems within a Region. As its targets scatter upon the winds, the Naga bursts into motion, disappearing and reappearing a short distance away, as it may move one Region for each target swept up in the Sirocco. The Naga can also lash out with a Sting from its tail, unleashing arcs of blistering magic that inflict terrible damage on enemy Golems.





The Ravager is a Titan for the most bloodthirsty and fanatical Gudanna Golem Knights. The Ravager thrives on being in the heart of every conflict. It has the lightest armor and lowest health of the Gudanna Titans, but it is deadly as long as it can keep moving. As the Ravager closes on an enemy force, its Culling Mark allows it to pick its targets from a distance and increase the damage they take when hit with Melee attacks for 2 Rounds. Once a target is marked, the Ravager throws itself at the enemy with great Momentum. When entering an enemy’s Region, the Ravager gets -1 from all its Cooldowns and ignores Breakaway for 1 Turn. This enables the Ravager to spring from enemy to enemy with surprising speed, closing, striking, and then withdrawing leaving destruction in its wake. With Duststorm Blade, the Ravager unleashes a flurry of attacks against a foe and then for 2 Rounds, each time the Ravager leaves a Region with an enemy, the enemy suffers an additional 10 Damage and suffers -10 Accuracy for 1 Round. Finally, the Ravager’s Slice attack is highly accurate and a solid hit that recovers from Cooldown quickly if the Ravager keeps moving from enemy to enemy.




Zyama's Anointing

Zyama’s Anointing

Zyama’s Anointing allows a Golem to sacrifice some of its own Health in exchange for more Damage on its next attack. It costs the activating Golem 20 HP and adds 10 Damage to its next attack. If the attack succeeds, the attacking Golem gains 15 HP.








G4_app_DavatisSacrificeDavati’s Sacrifice

Davati’s Sacrifice offers a temporary gift of power in direct proportion to the sacrifice made to Davati. The activating Golem’s Base Armor is added as a Damage bonus to all attacks for 2 Rounds, but the activating Golem’s Base Armor is reduced to 0 for the rest of the battle.








Lantern of Vali

Lantern of Valli

The Lantern of Valli summons forth the Arena of Valli, a Relic Construct dedicated to bloodsport. While within the Arena of Valli’s Region, all Golems, ally and enemy, gain 10 Accuracy and 5 Damage to Melee attacks.









Metr's Blood Well

Metr’s Blood Well

Metr’s Blood Well calls upon the connection between blood and earth to summon Mana from even the most desolate Regions. The Metr’s Blood Well Construct will allow the deploying army to summon forth 6 Mana for every Turn they control the Blood Well uncontested.