Herald of Eretsu: Tides of Conquest

Over the course of the last few months, reports from our agents across Eretsu have flooded in, tracking the constantly changing battlelines across the continent. It was with great difficulty that I assembled accurate information as the flames of war spread far and wide. Currently, major battles flare from the Northern Urugal lands to the Glades of Kaccha. Fear not; the Herald of Eretsu has the latest news from each front.

The Northern Urugal Clan Lands:

Inspired by the Ascendant Wake and the meteoric rise of Izvari the Mother Wing, clans long thought to have lost their will to fight have risen up against the Durani Empire, which has long extended its influence into the northern clans’ dealings.

During the past two months, the northern Urugal have seen some of the most fierce fighting in Eretsu. The only contest on par with the bloodshed that has stained the mountain snow is the struggle taking place at the castles of the Line. Despite the massive fighting in the north, neither side has been able to gain a distinct advantage.

The stalemate can be attributed to the overwhelming success of Imperial troops loyal to Sudhamra, which have won more than three quarters of the Empire’s victories in the region.

The forces following the Ascendant Wake have built a foreboding monument to those they have slain in combat, which now stands on the peak of Mount Rista, overlooking the Empire’s staging area. The monument proudly displays the corpses of Imperial commanders hanging from their own banners. Currently 13 bannermen of Sudhamra’s and 10 of Dasra’s cast their frozen gazes down from the peak.

The Castles of the Line:

Rudatha has once again proven the extent and influence of his network of operatives, staging a series of relentless raids along the Line. The fighting there, as most would expect, saw the greatest total number of battles.

Despite his engagement on several other fronts, the Spider Pince was by far the most effective on the Line. Not only has he secured the northern border of the Dominion, but many of the Empire’s castles have been cut off from resupply. It would appear it was only a matter of time before the Gudanna once again lay siege to the Empire’s weakened fortifications.

Here too Sudhamra’s forces have shown their martial prowess against the Dominion. Were it not for their efforts, Rudatha’s forces would have undoubtedly overrun the Upper Empire’s presence on the line. In what seems a recurring theme of the latest fighting, Dasra appears unable to effectively organize her military as enemies close in on her from all sides.

Tarkara, the Pirate Stronghold:

The Gudanna assault on the the pirate stronghold of Tarkara has all but been defeated. While Nandanna maintains her beachhead on the rocky island, her army has been turned back by a battalion under the command of Sudhamra himself.

Sudhamra launched his own assault on Tarkara after the pirate king Tapya refused his offer of aid, instead relying the strength of the Untamed to maintain the island’s independence. The Untamed have succeeded in keeping both the Empire and Dominion from claiming the main port, holding the advance of both factions at bay. However, the overall shapeof this front has largely been shaped by the devastating victories Sudhamra has won at Nandanna’s expense.

The Glades of Kaccha:

Izvari’s Ascendant Wake continues to crush all opposition to her crusade. While her progress has slowed as her armies wade through the Glades of Kaccha, their advance toward Rudatha’s seat of power in Prishta has remained constant.

The ongoing success of the Ascendant Wake and the Urugal uprising in the north have inspired Urugal in the Dominion and Empire alike to abandon their lives as subjects, instead heeding the Mother Wing’s call. However, many established Urugal leaders denounce Izvari as a false prophet, one who will lead not only all Urugal, but all Eretsu to ruin.

The Wildwood:

As the Realm of Cinders smolders after the devastating Durani invasion, fighting in the Wildwood rages on as the newly formed Great Weald strives to secure its homeland. Under the leadership of Vanya and the Circle, the Great Weald has succeeded in pushing back both the Imperial and Dominion forces. However, the Great Weald now faces another threat on its southern border:

as it makes its way north, the Ascendent Wake has begun to make incursions into the Wildwood. While the fighting between the Wake and the Weald has not escalated to the scale of the battles on other fronts, the hatred between the tribes and clans shows in the ferocity of the confrontations that have erupted. Along the southern border of the Wildwood, an increasingly long wall of Urugal golems, impaled and grown over with vines, stands as warning to any clanspeople who may attempt to test the resolve of the Zikia.

Invasion of the Upper Empire:

Sudhamra’s victories abroad and the increasing distrust of the Empire’s royal families in both the capital and the Lower Empire have led to an invasion of the Upper Empire by several houses. While many of these fly the banner of the Lower Empire’s raja, Sudhamra has denounced the disorder as a distraction from the the threats from outside the Empire’s borders.

Despite the unrest, and her armies’ poor performance in recent months, Dasra remains steadfast as ever. She has yet to take any major military action against the incursions into the Upper Empire, raising questions among her supporters and enemies alike.

As the Empire shakes in the face of destruction from conflicts without and within, many call to the Immortal Emperor for protection; yet no response from the Emperor has issued from on high.

The Battle for the Saddle Throne:

With Izvari’s Ascendent Wake challenging the Dominion in the south and the Gudanna’s halted advances on other fronts, infighting between those who would claim the Saddle Throne has been limited.

Recent months have witnessed several clashes between groups loyal to Rudatha and Nandanna, but these conflicts have been fueled by personal rivalry among the soldiers’ commanders, rather than that of the royal siblings. To this observer it appears these sparks of conflict will only grow, and when they do, these early battles may foreshadow how any future struggle may play out. Currently it appears Rudatha holds a slight advantage over his sister.

Even as I write this report, the lines of battle across Eretsu are in flux. The only thing that seems certain is the tide of battle will only continue to rise, and with it the fate of all Eretsu.

May the Ancient Ones protect you in this crucible of conflict,

-The Herald of Eretsu



The Northern Urugal Uprising:  Total battles 46

  • Izvari wins against Sudhamra: 13
  • Izvari wins against Dasra: 10
  • Dasra wins against Izvari: 4
  • Sudahamra wins against Izvari: 19

The Wildwood: Total battles 29

  • Vanya wins against Dasra: 9
  • Vanya wins against Rudatha: 6
  • Vanya wins against Izvari: 4
  • Dasra wins against vanya: 1
  • Rudatha wins against Vanya: 5
  • Izvari wins against Vanya: 9

The Wall: Total battles 46

  • Sudhamra wins against Rudatha: 11
  • Dasra wins against Nandanna: 2
  • Dasra wins against Rudatha: 3
  • Rudatha wins against Sudhamra: 8
  • Rudatha wins against Dasra: 18
  • Nandanna wins against Dasra: 4

Tarkara: Total battles 44

  • Sudhamra wins against Nandanna: 14
  • Sudhamra wins against Vanya: 8
  • Vanya wins against Nandanna: 8
  • Vanya wins against Sudhamra: 7
  • Nandanna wins against Sudhamra: 5
  • Nandanna wins against Vanya: 2

The March of the Great Wake:  Total battles: 36

  • Izvari wins against Nandanna: 12
  • Izvari wins against Rudatha: 15
  • Rudatha wins against Izvari: 8
  • Nadanna wins against Izari: 1

Empire Infighting:  Total battles 27

  • Dasra wins against Sudhamra: 4
  • Sudhamra wins against Dasra: 23

Dominion Infighting: Total battles 8

  • Nandanna wins against Rudatha: 3
  • Rudatha wins against Nandanna: 5

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