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League Play, APV, and App Update

Knights of Eretsu,

We have a few brief but important updates for you:

League Play Block 3 begins the 9th
You heard right, the 3rd Block of Conquest of Eretsu begins on December 9th, and will run until January 6th. Block 2 maps will be turned off at that time, so make sure you get in any last-minute games!

APV Update December 16th
The next round of APV changes will be coming on the 16th, with more details to come on the forums. We’re hoping this date gives you time to explore and adjust to the new changes, so you’re ready for any events or anticipated quality game time during that sweet, sweet holiday vacation.

App Update Coming Soon!
You’ve heard the rumors, but here’s the official announcement: A new app update is on its way! We’re finalizing the build and preparing to submit to the various app stores on Wednesday. At that point it’s down to when the submission is approved for release on all platforms. Current wait times are estimated at 7 days, which puts a release date at the 16th.

So what’s in it? Lots of tasty fixes, including a patch for the Samsung/Lollipop Stylus pairing issue, OT damage not awarding victory points correctly, and many others. We’ll have a full patch list at release, if not sooner.

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