Build 1.2.4 Update (revised 12/18)

Thank you for your patience and we wanted to get this out to you before the Christmas holidays. The newest release fixes many of the nagging bugs that have plagued Golem Arcana. These fixes are more global to all players and not usually a specific Golem nor does it update any APV or affect the rebalance efforts. More information on that to come.


REVISION: We have corrected the issues with the Google Store downloads and the App is now downloading and working correctly.



    • Setting your language to German now correctly displays German Golem names
    • The placement of various in-game images has been corrected
    • Corrected an error that hid some scenarios from the scenario list
      • Note: If you are not seeing a scenario leave the the Battle Screen and re-enter it allowing the scenarios to reload.
    • When creating a multiplayer scenario, you can now correctly edit the VP value of objectives for Player 4 and 6.
    • Samsung Devices and Stylus Pairing
      • The issue with some Samsung (and other Android based devices) devices failing to correctly sync with the stylus has been resolved. We’ve tested the fix both in-house and by sending test builds off to Emissaries who were affected by the issue, and everyone was able to get the stylus to pair. Big thanks to Vareth the Clown, Ben L, and our own Liz Bolden for being guinea pigs.
    • Stylus Manager
      • Users may rename the stylus or change the default PIN using the Stylus Manager from the Main Menu.
      • Special Note On Renaming Your Stylus
      • After renaming a stylus, there is the potential that the original name may still be shown in the discovered devices display.
      • How to correct the issue:
        1. After renaming and disconnecting, power the stylus down completely (5s hold of power button).
        2. Power the stylus back on.
        3. Scan for that stylus.
        4. New name should appear correctly in the Discovered Devices list.
        5. You may have to be also shut down the Golem Arcana App, in order to resync the App and the stylus.
        6. Repeat 1 and 5, if necessary.
    • The Golem Arcana app volume is correctly saving upon adjustment.



    • Game Set Up and Hosting Scenarios
      • Primary account MUST be attached to at least one active army.
        • New error message clarifies that one or more of the current armies must be associated with the Golem Arcana account currently logged into the app for a scenario to begin.
          • “To begin this game ACCOUNTNAME must be one of the players, OR all players must be guests, OR login using a participating player’s Account in the Main Menu.”
      • Fixed an issue where an army would be duplicated by re-selecting an army during Army selection.
      • Fixed an issue that would cause valid armies to appear missing when using the BACK command after selecting an army for a scenario.
    • QR Codes
      • QR Army Transfer of Premium Content
        • The QR Army Transfer system will now properly recognize when an army includes premium content and will allow that content to be utilized in the transferred army on the host device.
      • QR Code Camera
        • iOS camera orientation has been improved and the camera should correctly rotate as you adjust your device when attempting to scan QR codes.
    • SAVE Games
      • Fixed an issue that was causing some games saves to fail to load after Vegak Ananda’s (Empire, Urugal) “Maiming Sacrifice,” or similar abilities, were used in a scenario.
    • UNDO Command During Deployment
      • Using the UNDO command during deployment will no longer interfere with Golem Passives.
    • VP for Golem Destruction
      • Significant improvements have been made to the way in which the app assigns credit for a Golem’s destruction.
      • DOT Damage, splash Damage, passive Damage auras, Constructs, and other Special Effects now correctly award Victory Points to the Army that generated the effect that destroys a Golem.


Golem Updates

  • Colossi
    • Colossi may now enter an Obstructed Region (Heavy Cover) without being assessed a 2 AP penalty when the movement is complete.
    • Colossi may now follow up a Charge into an Obstructed Region after a successful attack.
    • Special Effects that cause a Golem to take Damage when making a successful attack, like Punishment and the Ossetic Parasite, are no longer causing Colossi to suffer from a DOT at the start of their Turn in addition to any successful attacks they make.

Relic Updates

  • Lantern of Valli
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Lantern of Valli’s cost to show up incorrectly when selecting the Relic.