Conquest of Eretsu By the Numbers

Hail Knights!

Season 2 of our League of the Hundred Skulls is a wrap, and we thought it would be fun to share some statistics and an at-a-glance look at some of the interesting data points from the events.

Raw numbers:

League Games Played:

Impending Aggression:
382 Games Played
Crucible of Conflict:
433 Games Played
Tides of Conquest:
256 Games Played

League Events Hosted:

Total League Points Earned:

Top 5 League Point Earners:

n33dl3s 164
hutweque 135
spyderbyte 108
mistress k 93
kallan 79

League Participants:

Bragging Rights:

Wins by Faction:

Gudanna Dominion 109
Durani Empire 96
Mercenary Kings 81

Wins by Leader:

Sudhamra 71
Rudatha 61
Nandanna 48
Vanya 44
Isvari 37
Dasra 25

Most Victories by VP:
Hutweque 30

Most Victories by Destruction:
N33dl3s 39

Army with the most wins:
Army Name: “The Jade Guard” – Player: CQ – Total Wins: 13