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Durani: Champions of the Western Wind

The new war in the wake of the Great Khan’s death rages on, shaking the foundations of the Durani Empire. Enemies press the walls of civilization on many fronts, but the Empire’s resources run deep, and the full might of its golem armies has yet to be awakened.

The Champions of the Western Wind are the latest Durani golems to be called from reserve, and their specialized tactics are sure to shake up the battle plans of the Empire’s foes. Look for them on our web store on Wednesday, January 27th.


Mountain Howler 300pxMountain Howler

Those who battle the Western Wind learn to dread the piercing cry that gives the Mountain Howler its name. Its Vortex attack displaces its target up to two regions, but the Howler is truly feared not only for displacing enemies, but for assisting allies advance with unexpected swiftness. If used on an allied golem, the Vortex has boosted accuracy and deals no damage, allowing the Howler to aid its allies’ rapid advance.

Strategy: Use the Mountain Howler’s Vortex to displace your slower golems to extend their effective move range, enable easier hit-and-run tactics, or save them from unfavorable encounters.






Stormshot 300px


Battlefield legends tell of whole formations of golems struck down before the Durani they were attacking even came into sight. The Stormshot is the source of such tales. Striking from extreme range, the Stormshot’s attacks can pierce clean through enemy armor or deal extra damage to targets arrogant or thoughtless enough to leave cover. However, with low dodge, more costly movement, and no melee attacks, the Stormshot needs frontline support to perform effectively.

Strategy: Position the Stormshot with extra care. If it reaches a hill, it can strike farther than most other golems, and other hills won’t block its line of sight. However, it may become vulnerable to enemy ranged attacks if your opponent’s golems take positions on hills of their own.





Siege Mammoth 300pxSiege Mammoth

Refined through centuries of breaking enemy fortifications, the Siege Mammoth is the Empire’s master of area-of-effect attacks at long, medium, and short ranges. It excels at disrupting any enemy strategy that involves close grouping or attempting to hunker down in one place. It can lace enemy territory with cruel mines which inflict damage over time while also increasing the cost to leave the region, or it can punish opponents for stopping to call on the Ancient Ones’ aid with a mortar attack that deals extra damage in blessed or cursed regions. It can even adapt its shortest-range attack to bombard golems in its own region if the enemy tries to engage the Mammoth in melee. On top of these varied capabilities, all the Mammoth’s attacks ignore intervening cover, so its fearsome volleys spare no targets, no matter the terrain.

Strategy: The Siege Mammoth is very strong and offers a variety of powerful attacks, but it’s AP-intensive to use and has limited mobility. Make the most of its area-of-effect attacks when you can target multiple enemy golems, and take care not to raise the Mammoth’s cooldowns too high by using the same attack more than once. It may be best to refrain from letting the Mammoth loose an all-out attack until you’re sure it’ll finish off the enemy.



Fire of AmuktaFire of Amukta

The sanguine sparkle of this precious gem promises a surge of vigor — for a price. Activating the Fire of Amukta costs health, but grants a significant boost to movement range that decreases gradually.

Strategy: Use the Fire of Amukta to enable your Siege Mammoth to make an unexpectedly rapid charge, or give it to your Stormshot in case it needs to make a quick escape or relocate to a different sniping point.






Armor of Dana-ArgaArmor of Dana-Arga

This mystical armor protects more than just its wearer. The Armor of Dana-Arga temporarily provides additional protection against ranged attacks to allied golems grouped with the golem using it, and boosts that golem’s armor even more depending on the number of allies in the region.

Strategy: Give the Armor of Dana-Arga to your Stormshot so it can fend off a ranged counterattack, or equip it to the lead golem in an advancing swarm to defend against suppressing fire.





Zargins FavorZargin’s Favor

The legendary arrow of Zargin-Azva, The Marksman, is said to sail through the ages till it strikes the world in the distant future. This sigil grants its bearer a shadow of that unerring aim, bestowing increased accuracy as long as the user avoids taking damage.

Strategy: Equip Zargin’s Favor to a golem you know can strike from beyond your opponent’s range, like the Stormshot or Fire Ram. Alternatively, give it to a golem you want to use for a critical attack with boosted accuracy.





Vajras RetributionVajra’s Retribution

The descendants of Vajra Durani-Akra, The Architect, ensconced themselves in an impenetrable fortress. This scepter of theirs summons Vajra’s Towers, a construct that returns the damage of ranged attacks back upon attacking enemy golems.

Strategy: Your Siege Mammoth can carry Vajra’s Retribution and deploy it in an advantageous location. From there, it can launch an assault supported by the countermeasure against your opponent’s ranged attacks. Smaller golems can also move into the protection of Vajra’s Towers to make your opponent think twice about trying to pick them off.