Herald of Eretsu: Animosity Unyielding

Not since the Great Khan’s conquest has Eretsu witnessed the mobilization of so many Golems as today march upon its many battlefields. From the frozen northern reaches of the Durani Empire to the sun-baked Urugal deserts, an unprecedented deluge of blood soaks Eretsu’s soil. However, surely this is no news to you knights, who have seen much of this for yourselves. I do carry news from across the continent, but the call is everywhere the same: war.

The Castles of the Line:

The fighting on the Line is without a doubt the most active warzone, as the might of the Empire and Dominion continue crashing upon each other’s legendary fortifications. Almost twice as many battles were fought at the Line than in any other theater. Rudatha has continued to dominate the contest here, claiming the majority of his victories from Dasra. Though Dasra struggled against Rudatha’s troops, she was able to make a devastating impact against the forces of Nandanna. Although the Line remains contested, the tide of battle continued to ebb in favor of the Gudanna. One can imagine the Empire may not be able to hold their lofty fortresses very much longer if the fighting continues as it has in recent months.

The Northern Urugal Uprising:

The Urugal uprising in the north has gained ground, pushing the Empire’s hold back to only the larger settlements on the coastline of the northern Urugal homeland. The combat here has continued to be some of the most ruthless in the world. Izvari’s zealots have taken after her lead, completely razing one Durani colony. The fates of several others are still unknown. One thing is certain: the north is no longer under the Empire’s control.

Tarkara, the Pirate Stronghold:

In an unexpected turn of events, the Gudanna invasion of the island has clawed itself back from seemingly certain defeat. It now looks conquering the island is within reach. While the Untamed continue to hold Tarkara’s capital city, the rest of the island now lies in the hands of either the Empire or Dominion. The Gudanna forces rallied after Nandanna personally lead a daring charge, returning to her officers with the head of a Durani commander. In no uncertain terms, she made her raja-khans know the same end awaited them if they failed to turn the contest in her favor.

The Wildwood:

The Great Weald has brought the majority of the Realm of Cinders and the Wildwood under its control through a series of very effective campaigns in the north. Only a small portion of the Durani invasion force remains, the majority of it withdrawn to be deployed on other fronts. Meanwhile, the Gudanna and Urugal have proven harder to dislodge from the Wildwood. While the Urugal seem content to raid Zikia villages, the Gudanna under Rudatha appear to be more purposeful in their continued incursions, but to what end is unknown.

The March of the Ascendent Wake:

The troops of the Dominion have tightened around the Ascendent Wake, clashing with Izvari’s columns in the Glades of Kaccha. Neither side has yet gained an advantage. Its is possible the Glades have never seen fighting on such a scale, and for good reason. The knights here have to fight the environment as much as each other. Kaccha is now littered with the remains of golems destroyed in the fighting or simply left behind, too mired in the swamp to continue.

Empire infighting:

The Lower Empire’s illegal incursion into the Upper Empire has been brought to halt. After the initial success of the invasion, Dasra rallied her loyalists and put a stop to the advance of the unrest. While she has yet to drive the Lower Empire disorderlies from her lands, she has proven her ability to do so.

Gudanna infighting:

As the question of who will inherit the Saddle Throne grows more pressing, neither Rudatha or Nandanna has gained footing as the clear choice. It appears the siblings are becoming impatient, as more of their banners continue to engage in minor clashes with each other, even as the Dominion commits more and more resources to wars on multiple fronts.

May these reports find you in the protection of the Ancient Ones.

—The Herald of Eretsu.



The Northern Urugal Uprising — total battles: 95

  • Izvari wins against Sudhamra: 22
  • Izvari wins against Dasra: 29
  • Dasra wins against Izvari: 15
  • Sudhamra wins against Izvari: 29

The Wildwood — total battles: 93

  • Vanya wins against Dasra: 24
  • Vanya wins against Rudatha: 14
  • Vanya wins against Izvari: 13
  • Dasra wins against Vanya: 15
  • Rudatha wins against Vanya: 15
  • Izvari wins against Vanya: 12

The Line — total battles: 171

  • Sudhamra wins against Rudatha: 19
  • Dasra wins against Nandanna: 39
  • Dasra wins against Rudatha: 13
  • Rudatha wins against Sudhamra: 16
  • Rudatha wins against Dasra: 41
  • Nandanna wins against Dasra: 43

Tarkara — total battles: 94

  • Sudhamra wins against Nandanna: 26
  • Sudhamra wins against Vanya: 11
  • Vanya wins against Nandanna: 10
  • Vanya wins against Sudhamra: 14
  • Nandanna wins against Sudhamra: 31
  • Nandanna wins against Vanya: 12

The March of the Ascendent Wake — total battles: 84

  • Izvari wins against Nandanna: 32
  • Izvari wins against Rudatha: 13
  • Rudatha wins against Izvari: 27
  • Nadanna wins against Izari: 12

Empire Infighting — total battles: 43

  • Dasra wins against Sudhamra: 22
  • Sudhamra wins against Dasra: 21

Dominion Infighting — total battles 25

  • Nandanna wins against Rudatha: 11
  • Rudatha wins against Nandanna: 14