App Update and changes to Accounts / Cloud-Saving

Greetings Golem Knights,

The software that we used for Golem Arcana’s account system, “Parse”, has shuttered its doors and their hosted services are about to end.

We’re going to be submitting a new version of the Golem Arcana app to Android and Apple soon that will replace the loss of “Parse”.

The “Parse” services are what allowed for cloud saving your armies and sharing data through a centralized login across multiple devices, as well as certain Wi-Fi enabled features like signing into an opponent’s device to access your army list.

If you launch your app and you’re already logged in, you may not notice anything wrong — but just know that the Cloud Saving features may look like they’re working, but they’re not. If you only ever use the one device, this shouldn’t affect you at all. And while you can’t log into an opponents device, you can use QR transfer to import your army.

If you launch the app, or re-install it before the new version is available, you will be stuck in “demo mode” only — meaning you’ll only be able to play the tutorials and won’t be able to create custom armies.

The new version of the App that we’ve prepared will alleviate most of these missing features — but we won’t know for sure until “Parse” officially goes down. The intent is that these cloud-based account services will all work again once you are able to download the new app.

Another side-effect of the loss of Parse will be these very forums, because they used the same login. While the App will be updated, we are not going to be replacing the Forums. So this is the last post that you’ll see.

Here on the Golem Arcana web site, we will periodically update this post with the latest news.

If you’re only just reading this forum post weeks from now, and after the app has already been updated, just head over to your Apple or Google store and get the new version of the app.

Once we have the new app submitted, we will be handing over the final code base to “Glasswalker” (Paul Mumby) a qualified programmer and long-time member of the Golem Arcana community, who will explore working with the community to maintain and update the app in the future. You may have met Paul and his wife at GenCon, running events at the open gaming tables. And for the true GA trivia buffs, Paul also operated a Golem Arcana forum after the Kickstarter initially funded, before these forums opened, and we’re talking to him about spinning up a new community hub to replace this one.

For those of you still playing Golem Arcana, thank-you for your support over the years. And for those who brand new to the game — welcome! While we may not be manufacturing new Golems anymore, we hope that you’ll enjoy the game for years to come.